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Boston College Football Helmets: Worst Looking In ACC?

I'm sure if you asked your everyday college football fan to judge the aesthetic qualities of the Notre Dame or Navy football helmet, they would extol the virtues of the helmet's history, tradition and simplicity. But go ahead and throw a maroon stripe down the middle of that very same gold helmet and suddenly you've got the worst looking helmet in the ACC?

So says both Tom Dienhart and Steve Megargee of Rivals, who both voted Boston College's gold helmet as the worst looking helmet in the conference.

Really, gents? How are the Boston College football helmets worse looking than these? It's like Wake purchased a bunch of black helmets, created stencils for the letters 'W' and 'F' by printing out a Word doc in size 200 Times New Roman font and spray painted the letters onto the helmet.

Or these. With all the great imagery surrounding Maryland athletics -- the terrapin mascot and the Maryland state flag, one of the coolest state flags in the Nation -- the best you can come up with is "Terps" written in fourth-grade cursive?

It can't be BC's color scheme that Dienhart and Megargee object to, as Florida State's helmet -- basically a BC helmet with a spear on it -- made it a clean sweep in the best-looking helmet category.

I can take BC being underappreciated by the media in the preseason, but making fun of our uniforms? That's where I draw the line.

You can direct your ire towards @TomDienhart and @stevemegargee on Twitter as appropriate.

H/T Nunes Magician, our Big East frenemies who share in our ugly helmet pain.