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Bye Week Roulette Winners and the Big Finish

Brian: With all the fuss made of the SEC scheduling gaff that leaves defending National Champion Alabama to play six SEC opponents coming off bye weeks in 2010, D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens took a look at the bye weeks on the ACC’s 2010 schedule. He concludes that BC is the big winner this year when it comes to the placement of the bye weeks:

"Who is the annual winner in bye week roulette?

That would be Boston College, which is the only likely conference contender that doesn’t have to deal with a major college-program coming off a bye this season. Duke, Virginia and Wake Forest also have that luxury.

In fact the entire ACC Atlantic Division doesn’t have too many instances of teams getting two weeks to prepare for them. Clemson draws Maryland off a bye, and Maryland gets Wake Forest after an open date. Florida State and N.C. State share a bye, then meet on a Thursday night."

The Eagles’ get their off week just two weeks into the season, where they’ll have an extra week to prepare to host the Virginia Tech Hokies. Will the extra week off help or hurt BC’s chances against Virginia Tech? Is the fact that no ACC teams get an extra week to prepare for BC yet another reason why Superfans should be optimistic about this coming season? Your thoughts?

Jeff: I never saw the bye week as an extra week of preparation being a huge advantage in college. I do see it as a huge advantage to get players some rest and getting injured players time to heal. For us this most likely won't be a huge factor since our off week comes so early in the season, but it can't hurt heading into the game against Virginia Tech. Chances are that there will be a shorter list of players on the injured list or that may not be 100% list on our team than there will be for Virginia Tech in that game. BC will take every little advantage they can.

The only negative of playing after a bye week is players coming out tight and nervous, especially when it leads into a fairly big game, like the Virginia Tech game is for BC. The Hokies will probably be the highest ranked team the Eagles face all season and hopefully the extra time to sit around leading into the game won't lead to extra nerves.

Big Finish

Brian: Connor Wujciak, brother of Maryland’s senior LB Alex Wujciakrecently verballed to BC. Ryan Silva, brother of BC’s Jamie Silva, is reportedly talking to both Maryland and Boston College. Do we lose the younger Silva to Maryland, or do you think he’ll also commit to BC?

Jeff: BC has a good track record of recruiting younger brothers following so I'll assume that continues.


Jeff: HD finished her Top 25 ACC players countdown this week and BC had the second most of any team except for Carolina. What are the odds this year's ACC Championship Game is a rematch of the 2004 Car Care Bowl?

Brian: UNC's defense is stacked, but can the offense score points? Questionable. I'll go very low here. 10 percent.


Brian: BC baseball coach Mik Aoki makes it official, leaving BC to take on the head coaching position at Notre Dame. Do you think the BC baseball program will take a step forward or a step back now that Aoki has left?

Jeff: I don't see how this will lead to another step forward for BC, but hopefully they don't go backwards.


Jeff: What are the chances Seantrel Henderson lands in the ACC now that he has been released from his commitment to USC?

Brian: Landing in Miami? Very good. What time is Henderson's one hour selection show on TV?


Brian: Kevin Challenger recently signed with the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, making it the third CFL franchise he’ll play for in four seasons. Any idea what an Alouette is?

Jeff: No clue.


Jeff: After last night's festivities, when I say Lebron James, you say ...?

Brian: Cavs owner Dan Gilbert going all crazy ex-girlfriend on LBJ in a letter written in Comic Sans.


Brian: Last one, Alabama is cancelling classes the day of their Thursday night game with Georgia State. Who would BC have to play for the school to actually cancel classes?

Jeff: It won't ever happen at BC and I disagree with it happening in Tuscaloosa too.