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Will BC Host College GameDay This Season? and the Big Finish

Brian: Interesting discussion on Twitter the other day regarding whether BC will see ESPN’s College GameDay this season. I think it will be pretty tough this year given that BC’s schedule is very front-loaded, with likely the only two ranked opponents coming to the Heights – Virginia Tech and Notre Dame – visiting in weeks 4 and 5. Let’s play a hypothetical for a second and let’s focus on week 4. Let’s say that Virginia Tech takes care of business in the season opener against Boise State and heads to BC with a record of 3-0. Similarly, the Eagles take care of Weber State and Kent State to move to 2-0 before the Virginia Tech game. ESPN would then have their choice of the following games:

Oregon State at Boise State
Virginia Tech at Boston College
UCLA at Texas -- mildly interesting inter-sectional game
Oklahoma at Cincinnati -- throw the Big East some love?
Stanford at Notre Dame
West Virginia at LSU

The week 4 schedule looks a little light, with one of the better games of the week – Miami at Pittsburgh – played on Thursday night. What do you think? Could BC play host to ESPN’s College GameDay in back-to-back seasons? Any other BC games (including away games) that you could see ESPN broadcasting their pregame show from?

Jeff: I would say that Alabama at Arkansas would get some considerable consideration to host GameDay on this somewhat weak Saturday for great matchups. But, ESPN probably has their eyes on Alabama for other stops throughout the season including when Alabama and Florida meet during conference play for the first time in several years. So all that considered, I think BC has a decent chance of getting GameDay. The schedule for the VT Saturday is fairly weak. The big negative I would think BC has going against them is that they hosted the show last season and BC is not exactly the first program that comes to mind when you think of teams that would host GameDay annually. The reason why it might come true this season though, is the same reason BC got ESPN on campus last year, Mark Herzlich. Mark would once again be the center of their attention is they did come to campus this year.


Big Finish

Brian: At the end of this Conroy article, he mentions that Kaleb Ramsey is still undecided about whether he wants to return to the program. That would be a blow to an already thin D-line if Ramsey didn’t return, no?

Jeff: That weakness in our defense is becoming more and more glaring.


Jeff: BC hockey's Cody Ferriero recently decommitted from BC and signed with Northeastern. Your thoughts?

Brian: This will certainly make for an interesting season opener on October 9.


Brian: This Irish preview of Boston College thinks that the Eagles will be emotionally spent from the previous week’s game against Virginia Tech. You buying this?

Jeff: Even if they are they should beat the Irish.


Jeff: Providence announced their non-conference basketball schedule for 2010-11. A sched that includes a December 8 date at Boston College. You like the BC-PC series? 

Brian: Absolutely. One of the better New England hoops rivalries we held onto after the move to the ACC.


Brian: Papa Samba Ndao, a former Skinner commit for 2010, recently committed to Saint Joseph’s. Admit it. You’re disappointed you won’t be able to cheer his name next season.

Jeff: You know it.


Jeff: Can Virginia football's trend of four straight losses to BC be reversed this season? 

Brian: I doubt it. BC should be well favored in that game.


Brian: Last one, BC (+1.6) and Georgia Tech (+1.1) are the most consistently underrated ACC programs in the preseason. We obviously knew about BC, but does Georgia Tech surprise you?

Jeff: Not at all. They had a coaching change without ever falling too far out of contention.