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New Boston College Football Jersey - Maroon Jersey

The ACC Football Kickoff gave us a glimpse into what the new BC Under Armour jerseys will look like. I give you, the home jersey:

via Beamer Ball

Once you avert your eyes away from the hideous Chicago maroon and Burnt orange that takes up 2/3 of the picture, you'll notice Mark sporting the new UA home jersey. Noticeable changes:

  • An imperceptible change in shade of maroon from Reebok Red to UA Maroon (?)
  • Gold UA logo replaces white Rbk logo
  • More stylized numbers (note size of space in the "9" compared to last year's unis)
  • And probably the biggest change, text of the nameplates goes from white to gold.

You can tell that these are straight off the presses considering they are missing the NCAA-ACC logo on the top left.

I don't hate the small changes to the uniform, but I don't think I love them either. At least UA went the minimalist route with BC and we avoided jerseys that look like thisthis or this

So I guess I'm indifferent towards the slight UA changes, how about you?