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ESPN's College Football Images Of The Decade

Gearing you up for college football season. In case you missed it, here is ESPN's college football images of the last decade. If you're looking for the moments that feature Boston College, don't worry. We got you covered. See below.

The Good:

-- 2:44 - Matt Ryan celebrates his GW touchdown pass against Virginia Tech by tackling Jags in the rain

The Not So Good:

-- 0:32 - a Hokie accidentally sucker punches Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer on the sidelines during the 2008 (?) ACC Championship Game.

-- 0:42 - Ed Reed's ridiculous interception return that cost BC a chance of knocking off No. 1 Miami

-- 0:53 - Matt Ryan knows how to take a hit (gets de-cleated by Clemson's David Dunham)


HT Mgoblog.