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Which Football Games Do You Plan On Attending This Year?

Again, to beat the summer dead period, it's time for another reader participation Thursday post. We heard how many different college football stadiums you've all attended. Seeing as we are now just 7 Saturdays away from Boston College football, we want to know what your travel plans are for this upcoming football season ...

Which home games do you plan on attending?
Will you be hitting up any new college football stadiums this fall?
Any plans to go see any non-BC games?

Having just graduated from grad school, I'm still living in the Midwest and in the process of looking for gainful employment. As such, I have two plans:

Plan A - the "I have a job and can attend lots and lots of college football" plan

I'll plan on attending the season opener against Weber State (for Herzlich, not the opponent. Natch). I definitely won't miss the Virginia Tech and Notre Dame games. I will probably also go to the Maryland and Clemson home games, and might go to the home season finale against Virginia; that is, if the 'Hoos are at least respectable and don't lose to another I-AA team to start the season.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be attending very many away games. I've been to Carter-Finley Stadium before. Wake and Duke aren't supposed to be any very good this year, but I might make a trip of one of those to cross that off my list of ACC stadium. Particularly Duke, because that trip only comes around once every 5-6 years or so. I've been to the Carrier Dome before and the Syracuse game will be tough to get to given it's right after Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, and of course I'll make the trip to Charlotte for the ACC Championship Game if BC is there. 

Plan B - the "Still looking come football season. Hire me ... please? Pretty please?" plan

I'll probably make a week-long trip to Boston for the Virginia Tech-Notre Dame games. Other than that, all bets are off. Well, other than the ACC Championship Game, which I won't miss if the Eagles are playing.


Your fall travel schedule? What are your college football travel plans? Any plans to attend good non-BC games? Go.