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More On BC's Matt Humphrey From Addicted To Quack

Like you, I've been curious as to the type of players Donahue is starting to bring into the fold at BC. Over the past few weeks, he has added players like Matt Humphrey, Monmouth transfer Travis Taylor, Gabe Moton, Eddie Odio and Dennis Clifford. 

To get a scouting report on Oregon transfer Matthew Humphrey, we recently asked the SB Nation Oregon Ducks blog Addicted To Quack their thoughts on what he brings to the table.

Matt Humphrey has been a talented, but mind frustratingly inconsistent player during his two years with the Oregon Ducks. He is strictly a 2-guard. He's not going to be able to run a point, and isn't a bigger physical player that can run the 3. He is absolutely a streak shooter. When he's hot, he can score in bunches (as he showed when he dominated overtime of our home win vs. UCLA). He shoots a ton of thees (almost 2-3 of his FGAs), and because he tends to make shots in bunches, you think he's a good shooter, but then you look at his stats and realize that he's a .350 career shooter from the field and a mediocre 60% from the line. He's demonstrated a lot of tools at times, but he hasn't shown that he can consistently create his own shot, finish in traffic, or play any semblance of solid defense. To be fair to Humphrey, you question how much of this is the system, or lack thereof, under former coach Ernie Kent, and you could say similar things about several players on the roster (though Humphrey's shooting percentages are still extremely low).

Basically in two years at Oregon, averaging about 15 minutes a game, he hung out at the three point line a lot, took a bunch of threes (almost three a game), and made very few of them. He showed flashes of skills at times, enough to make you see potential talent, but you would see something good then not again for several games. But Kent's system is funky, as are his rotations, which led to extremely inconsistent playing time, even from one game to another. Humphrey has done nothing to show me through two years that he is ready to contribute to a winning Pac-10, let alone an ACC basketball team. That said, he has shown flashes of talent, and perhaps a new coach, new system, and a year to just sit out and practice will be able to bring that out more often. He's nothing to get excited about or depend upon, and I would have thought that a mid-major conference would have been a better fit for him. But he has shown enough to warrant taking a flyer on if you still have a scholarship lying around this late in the summer.

Here's to hoping that a change of scenery, a new coach, a new system and a year off will help Humphrey again find those flashes of talent in Chestnut Hill.

Special thanks to Addicted To Quack for taking the time to give us a scouting report on Humphrey.