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SB Nation Launches Boston Regional Site

Last night at midnight, SB Nation flipped the switch on six of their newest regional sites - Chicago, Boston, DC, Detroit, Arizona and New York. Head on over to SBN Boston to see all the latest news regarding the Eagles, along with all of the other Boston sports teams. Just like the homepage, SBN Boston will have streams of breaking news, along with feature articles from your favorite Boston bloggers (including some voices from BC Interruption, so if you have any ideas for articles, send them our way).

You can read more about SB Nation's launch of their regional sites herehere and here. You can also get up-to-date news on Boston sports by following SBN Boston on Twitter at @sbnationboston (and by following us @bcinterruption). 

In addition to the launch of the regional site, you'll also note a new Fan Confidence Poll at top left (and below). This weekly poll encourages you to vote on a scale of 0 to 100 how confident you feel about the Eagles. The results will then be tallied and recorded on a graph that displays the last 6 months of fan confidence poll results over at SBN Boston.