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Predict The 2010 Boston College Football Season: 1.0

Time for another reader participation Thursday post. This post builds off some great work Tomahawk Nation is doing to predict the Florida State football season.

Below we've created an exercise we'd like to run to manage expectations in terms of the 2010 Boston College Eagles football season. The idea is simple: assign a winning % to each of BC's 12 regular season games. For instance, you could say that BC has a 97.5% chance of beating Weber State in the season opener (0.975), or that they have only a 20% chance to beat Virginia Tech (0.200).

We will conduct this exercise a few other times before the season starts, so don't think you are too tied to the numbers. We just want to get a feel for how everyone is approaching the season thus far. This is your chance to show us how good or bad you think BC will be!

We'll leave the survey up approximately a week and then reveal the results next week. Also, the more that fill out the poll, the more accurate a picture we'll get of where we think BC is headed.