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Who Said That BC Athlon Quote? and the Big Finish

Brian: One of the fun things to do after purchasing Athlon Sports’ College Football 2010 National Preview is to thumb through the team previews and check out the featured quote for various programs. For a team like the Eagles, the quote the editors select is almost always either something negative or a back-handed compliment, and this year seems to be no exception. Here is this year's BC quote:

"I don’t think they’ll be all that good this year, but I didn’t think they’d be any good last year and they won eight games." – An opposing ACC assistant coach

Once again, Athlon didn’t disappoint with the back-handed compliment for BC. So let’s play the guessing game. Who do you think the mysterious "opposing ACC assistant coach" is and what team does he coach for … your thoughts?

Jeff: How about Troy Douglas from North Carolina. I really picked this one out of thin air but he is new fairly new to the Tar Heels staff so he might not appreciate BC and what they've accomplished and also, being on the UNC staff, he has good reason to think BC is not very good because they always beat us handily. Another staff to look at might be Maryland's because they are clearly not the brightest group in the league.

Brian: My guess is that the assistant comes from a team that faces BC both last year and this year. That leaves the Atlantic Division, Virginia Tech and Virginia. I don't think a quote like this would come from Virginia Tech (respect!) and I feel like Virginia just isn't that familiar with the Eagles. 

The easy choice is to say this quote came from a Tom O'Brien staffer, given the history between TOB, N.C. State and BC. But I'll go with a staffer on Florida State. We beat the Seminoles last year when most experts thought we'd go down easily to FSU. BC has been right there with Florida State in the Atlantic Division race every year we've been in the league and this year should be no exception. 


Big Finish

Brian: When asked what he would do if given the starting position, Green Bay’s B.J. Raji said he would "just cause havoc." Do you think Raji will have a breakout season in his second year as a Packer?

Jeff: I expect a good year from him.


Jeff: The Orlando Sentinel previews Kent State at number 75 in their countdown. Chances BC loses to Kent State?

Brian: I’ll go low here. 10%.


Brian: In one of Phil Steele’s nine power rankings, he has BC going 11-1 next season. Does this surprise you?

Jeff: No. Since he has nine power rankings and we've talked about this being the easiest schedule for the Eagles since we have joined the ACC.


Jeff: HD ranked Luke Keuchly as the 14th best player in the conference. Surprised he was that high?

Brian: A little. And I think the gap should have been closer between Kuechly and Herzlich.


Brian: Half of the ACC made Dick Vitale’s early 2010-11 preseason top 40, including Duke at number 1. It’s going to be a long, long season next year, no?

Jeff: 3-13 long or 6-10 long?


Jeff: Now that conference expansion seems sorted out for this summer, are you happy?

Brian: Happy for the ACC, definitely. The WAC and the Pac 10 didn't make out so well though in my opinion.


Brian: Last one, Athlon, Phil Steele and ATL all believe BC is heading to the 2010 Independence Bowl? Chances BC avoids getting shipped off to Shreveport, Louisiana in late December?

Jeff: ATL was right last year with BC heading to San Fran but the FSU thing had to be sorted out for the to happen. I see BC being forced into a better slot this season with a 6-2 conference record.