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Conference Expansion: Colorado To Pac 10 Is First Domino To Fall

Colorado seems to be ready to preempt Nebraska as the first domino to fall in the great Expansion-palooza of 2010. The Sporting News is reporting that Colorado will announce that they are leaving the Big 12 for the Pac 10 today, according to a source.

Colorado seems to factor into the Pac 10's expansion plans with or without Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. If Texas decides to make a go of it in the Big 12 - the Texas schools are meeting today to determine the fate of the Big 12 - the Big 12 would reportedly look toward BYU and Air Force to replace Colorado and Nebraska.

Closer to home, fans of SEC and ACC schools are bracing for the fallout from a race to 4 16-team power conferences. Shakin the Southland all but penned their Clemson love letter to Mike Slive, and the From The Rumble Seat boys are looking forward to saving on Ramblin' Wreck gas money. Meanwhile, the Maryland blog Testudo Times debates the legitimacy of a Bleacher Report (!) article that claims Maryland is headed to the Big Ten

Joe over at The Key Play, growing tired of the whole "Florida State, Miami, Clemson and Georgia Tech are the perfect SEC expansion targets because they are, you know, in the South," asks what about Virginia Tech? Gobbler Country, on the other hand, feels that Hokie fans are putting the cart before the horse in any Virginia Tech-SEC conference realignment talks.

Understandably, the SEC has been awfully quiet on expansion in the last 24 hours. ESPN's SEC blogger Chris Low still believes the status quo is the most likely option for the SEC, while HD hopes for status quo in the ACC. Call me naive, but I still maintain that SEC expansion to 16 teams isn't a foregone conclusion.

The vultures are circling in the Midwest. Let's hope they don't start moving east ...