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Way Too Early Bowl Projections: How's Shreveport in Late December Sound?

May has to be the most depressing time of year for college football fans. The long offseason has no end in sight; four months in either direction and no college football. What's a blogger or sports writer to do?

Answer: preseason top 25 polls, power rankings and ridiculously early bowl projections! has your cure, wayward sports bloggers and college football fans. The site just released their way too early 2010-2011 college football bowl projections. They predict that Boston College will be playing in the Advocare 100 Independence Bowl, in Shreveport, Louisiana, on December 27. Opposite Air Force.

Not exactly the type of bowl projection that gets Superfans amped about the upcoming college football season. The Independence Bowl has the seventh pick of ACC teams, pitting that team against the third selection from the Mountain West. 

Here are the rest of the ACC bowl projections, per CFN:

Orange (BCS/No. 1): Virginia Tech
Chick-fil-A (No. 2): North Carolina
Champs Sports (No. 3): Miami
Sun (No. 4): Georgia Tech
Meineke Car Care (No. 5): Florida State
Music City (No. 6): Clemson
EagleBank (No. 8): Maryland

So you're saying we'll be better than Maryland, Wake Forest and N.C. State in the Atlantic, but not quite as good as FSU or Clemson? Way to go out on a limb, CFN.

In other "way too early" news, Boston College is nowhere to be found in Joe Lunardi's April 13 version of Bracketology.