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Great Expectations From Phil Steele? and the Big Finish

Brian: Phil Steele’s much anticipated preseason college football publication doesn’t hit newsstands for a few more weeks, but that didn’t stop him from releasing some of his preseason team profiles. Steele is counting down his top 30 programs until his magazine drops and the Eagles come in at #30.

Here’s what he had to say about BC’s chances:

"Six of my 9 sets of power ratings call for a double digit win season as they take on my #64 rated schedule. If Herzlich is 100% healthy this team is a contender for the ACC Title."

Certainly Steele’s premature assessment of BC’s chances is probably one of the most positive ones you’ll read over the summer. What, exactly, do you think has spurred Steele’s optimism in the Eagles’ chances this season?

Jeff: From what Steele looked at it seems like he is looking at exactly what we're looking at. Frist, the huge upside of Herzlich returning. Second, an easy schedule. Whether Duke is improving or not, you still want them on your schedule as an Atlantic Division team. And most importantly, a lot of returning starters from a good team last season.

Simply do not underestimate the importance of the schedule and having a returning starting quarterback regardless of just how strong that QB might be. We are in a much better position now than we were at this time last year.


Big Finish

Brian: The Orlando Sentinel has begun their college football preseason rankings countdown, ranking Syracuse at number 104. Over/under the Orange as the 104th best team in college football next season?

Jeff: Gotta be under. It was not that long ago they had McNabb. They can't be that bad now.


Jeff: On Friday, BC picked up a solid verbal from Missouri QB Christian Suntrup. Your thoughts?

Brian: Great to see the recruiting for 2011 picking up, and great to see another pro style QB in the mix. Never hurts to have options.


Brian: The 2010-2011 bowl schedule dates and times are all but finalized now, with 7 of the ACC’s 8 bowls occurring before January 1. Your thoughts?

Jeff: Getting rid of the Gator Bowl was not a good thing.


Jeff: Is there any reason not to like Luke Kuechly after reading another interview with him?

Brian: Nope. Not at all.


Brian: Next season, the Green Bay Packers plan to move Will Blackmon from cornerback to safety. Good move for the 5th year NFL veteran?

Jeff: Will he still be returning kicks?


Jeff: HD says the Eagles' worst case scenario is 5 wins next season. It's really zero, right?

Brian: Worst case is more like 3. But best case certainly has to be higher than 8, Heather.


Brian: Last one, the ACC regular season comes to a close today as the BC baseball team tries to steal one from #6 Georgia Tech (or hope UNC loses). When the games are wrapped up today, will the Eagles qualify for the ACC Baseball Championship?

Jeff: Yes.