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Florida State Flirting With The SEC? and the Big Finish

Brian: Could Florida State be flirting with the idea of moving from the ACC to the SEC? As part of the ACC’s spring meetings, Florida State AD Randy Spetman admitted that there have been discussions about a possible move to the SEC:

"And it's certainly a topic that we have to be aware of and we have to look [into it]," Spetman said. "You know, we're very happy in the ACC. But there are so many different [scenarios], as you see written every day."

Now I certainly wouldn’t fault Florida State for taking a payday and jumping to the SEC if that league decided they need to match a move by the Big Ten and expand to 14 or 16 teams. Even though it may or may not be (is) Florida State’s fault that the ACC’s football product isn’t even close to the product the SEC produces, the financial gains from moving from the ACC to the SEC would be too great to pass up.

That’s all well and good. My question is around the effect that this would have to BC and the conference in the longer term. As a hypothetical, let’s say the ACC could replace a Florida State with a Syracuse or a Pittsburgh (a Big Ten expansion leftover). Let’s also say that Florida State is the only program to make a move from the ACC to the SEC (unlikely, but go with me here). My question is whether you think BC would be better off or worse off in the long run (in an ACC less Florida State)? And what about the conference as a whole?

Jeff: It is real hard to say that BC or any other member of the ACC is better off with Florida State gone than with the Seminoles in the conference. For BC, the only time ESPN College Gameday has been to BC games have been against Florida State. Clearly, some of the most hyped games for BC since joining the ACC(just as it is for other conference programs) have been against the Seminoles.

That being said, if the ACC picked up a northern school in the process, that does counterbalance some of the damage. Moving the geographic center of the conference would be a good thing for BC. That team may or may not end up as a huge rival for BC but they would change the perception of the conference. BC would then not constantly be talked about as a team that never should have joined. Also, in football, with Florida State gone, BC will essentially move up one bowl spot annually. Florida State always got picked for bowls ahead of BC if eligible and whatever program replaces them might get picked before BC if records are equal, but not when BC has had the better season.


Big Finish

Brian: BC finished second and ACC schools placed 1-3 in terms of number of programs ranking in the top 10 percent of this year’s Academic Progress Rates. Duke finished with 15 programs, BC with 13 and UNC with 8. Given the ACC’s academic track record, do you think that academics would factor into potential expansion possibilities?

Jeff: It depends on how much shuffling of schools is done. If it is just one or two schools, absolutely.


Jeff: ESPN recently announced that this year’s ACC Championship Game on December 4 will be televised in 3D. Your thoughts?

Brian: I prefer viewing my ACC Championship Game in in-person 3D over TV 3D.


Brian: Coming out of the ACC spring meetings, commissioner John Swofford was surprised to hear grumblings about the ACC’s new bowl lineup. Should be really be surprised?

Jeff: Not at all. The best he could've hoped for was a neural reaction.


Jeff: Oddly, the baseball team has no in conference action this weekend, will that help them prepare for their final series against Georgia Tech?

Brian: Not as much as the fact that Georgia Tech and Miami beating up on each other on the diamond this weekend will help.


Brian: Boston is among the four cities named as finalists to host the 2013 and 2014 Frozen Fours. Obviously we’d love to see the Frozen Four back in Boston. Which other city do you want to see host the event?

Jeff: I'd like Philly even though I doubt they'd pick both Boston and Philadelphia.


Jeff: Dan Majerle recently said on ESPN Radio that Jared Dudley couldn't jump over a phone book. Are you surprised that there might actually be something you can do better than Jared?

Brian: Nonsense. There's nothing I can do that Jared Dudley can't do. Kid has the most athletic hands in the world.


Brian: Last one. BC basketball recruit Kevin Noreen, after receiving his release from the Eagles, has reportedly picked up 20 scholarship offers, including interest from Roy Williams and UNC. Chances Noreen returns to BC to play in the fall?

Jeff: I'm assuming slim but you never know.