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Projected Hoops Lineups and Points Per Game for 2010-11

Brian: The News & Observer breaks down the ACC starting lineup/rotations for the 2010-2011 season. Here’s their breakdown for BC:

Boston College
Reggie Jackson, jr. (12.9 PPG)
G Dallas Elmore, jr. (3.9)
F Corey Raji, sr. (11.4)
F Joe Trapani, sr. (14.1)
F Evan Ravenel, jr. (3.3)
Bench: G Biko Paris, F Josh Southern, F Cortney Dunn

Now that Ravenel has asked for his release from the team, my guess is you can plug Josh Southern and his 4.4 points per game from last season. The lineup currently looks like this:

Boston College
G Reggie Jackson, jr. (12.9 PPG)
G Dallas Elmore, jr. (3.9)
F Corey Raji, sr. (11.4)
F Joe Trapan,i sr. (14.1)
F Josh Southern, sr. (4.4)
Bench: G Biko Paris, F Cortney Dunn

While many fans might already be discouraged at the thought of next season - given the departures of Sanders, Heslip and Ravenel - last year’s offensive production numbers tell a different story.

With this current projected starting lineup, the Eagles have a lineup that averaged 9.3 points per game last season. That figure is good for third in the ACC, behind only Duke (11.8) and Virginia Tech (11.8). If you don’t count the 20.2 points per game averaged by Duke’s Seth Curry (transfer from Liberty) during the 2008-2009 season, BC falls only behind Virginia Tech.


Are these numbers reason for optimism? Or do you think the Eagles basketball team will have a rough go of it next season?

Jeff: I think these numbers are reason for optimism in the sense that there is no reason to think that we can't improve on our record and ACC standing from last season.

The downside there of course is that we didn't even make the post-season last year.

If you consider our losses (Sanders being the biggest), they are no more significant than what most programs lose annually to graduation and/or the NBA draft. Fortunately, Roche was the only player we lost to graduation so losing these other players to transfers is not something that this team can't overcome.

If nothing else, at least for now we can say BC is #2 in the league in something for basketball.