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Looking Ahead To The 2011 NFL Draft

Brian: The 2010 NFL Draft has come and gone with only one player from Boston College being drafted. Only 1 of the 17 seniors on the Eagles roster were taken in this draft. This is the lowest total number of draft picks in 5 years for BC (in 2005, no Eagles were taken in the draft), and only the third time in the last 10 years that less than 2 players have been selected.

Here is the list of Boston College players who have been drafted in the last 10 years:

2010 - 1 (Tennant)
2009 - 2 (Raji and Brace)
2008 - 3 (Ryan, Cherilus and Tribble)
2007 - 2 (Marten and Beekman)
2006 - 3 (Kiwanuka, Trueblood and Blackmon)
2005 - 0
2004 - 2 (Snee and Ryan)
2003 - 3 (St. Pierre, Koppen and Garay)
2002 - 2 (Green and Colombo)
2001 - 1 (Zukauskas)

This was largely a disappointing draft for Eagles fans, but what about next year? The Eagles have 23 incoming seniors on this year’s roster, including key players at positions typically valued highly in the NFL Draft. Could next year’s NFL draft be the best draft for Boston College in the last 10 years? Or will it the draft end up like this year's draft for the Eagles, with only 1 player being drafted? Your thoughts?

Jeff: This all depends on Herzy. If he shows signs of being 100 percent again, some team might take him first round. He might go late rounds, or might not even get invited to the combine. We just don't know at this point.

Also, if we go 11-1 someone else will sneak into the late rounds, I just have no idea who.

Brian: Next year's draft might be light again next year. As long as Anthony Castonzo plays well in his senior year, he should be a first round pick. After that though, who knows? Herzlich could play himself back into the early rounds. The Eagles also graduate lots of talent on both lines, including Scafe, Albright, Claiborne and Lapham. Depending on how well the team performs this season, an NFL team could take a chance on one of those players too. The draft is pretty much a crap shoot but I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles get just 1 player drafted or 3-4 depending on how well the team performs this coming year.