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Headlines: Do The Eagles Have A Post Spring Game QB Controversy?

Brian: I wasn’t at the spring game, but had every intention of watching a replay on CBS Sports All-Access video player yesterday. No such luck. For whatever reason, the video hasn’t become available after the event which is unfortunate. I only have the Athletics Department press release and other writer/blogger write-ups to go off of in forming my thoughts.

Let us start with the biggest storyline coming out of the spring - the quarterback competition. Just Wednesday, Spaziani said that Shinskie is the incumbent and the other three quarterbacks are fine prospects but aren’t ready for prime time. Yet reactions from the spring game tell a different story.

ATL was impressed by Marscovetra and underwhelmed with Shinskie’s performance. Along the same lines, Soaring to Glory wrote that while he didn’t blow people away with his performance, Marscovetra was the day’s winner while Shinskie was the loser. Even Mark Blaudschun noted the progress Marscovetra has made in the Sunday edition of the Globe.

Let's take a look at the spring game final QB stat lines:

Michael Marscovetra (So.) - 13-of-16, 146 yards, 1 TD  
Dave Shinskie (So.) - 6-of-12, 50 yards
Chase Rettig (Fr.) - 4-of-12, 49 yards, 2 INT
Joshua Bordner (Fr.) - 7-of-12, 83 yards

While Marscovetra did play against mostly a second-team defense, remember he also played with the second-team offensive line (who gave up 2 sacks). Given the four quarterbacks’ performances in the spring game, are you more or less comfortable with our quarterback situation going into the summer?

Jeff: Like you, I was unable to watch live but was planning on watching the replay. No such luck. I also read the same praises on Marscovetra and questions about Shinskie's play and here are my thoughts.

Based on stats alone, Shinskie's stats were not bad for a spring game. 4.2 yards per attempt but 50 percent completions and no mistakes on limited action isn't the worst outing either. Most importantly, there's no arguing that the first team secondary is far superior in experience and talent right now than the first team receivers. Also, Shinskie had no running game to ease the pressure of him as Montel Harris had a very unimpressive day as well.

Meanwhile, Marscovetra supposedly looked real good while putting up good numbers. This is great that Marscovetra made the most of his opportunities. However, we must not forget that he was going against the second team defense, which, considering injuries and everything contained many third stringers.  

To quote ESPN's Justin Rice,

"Marscovetra finished 13-for-16 passing with 149 yards but isn't exactly eclipsing sophomore Dave Shinskie (6-of-12 passing for 50 yards) on the depth chart anytime soon."

Marscovetra has had plenty of opportunities last season and in the offseason to overtake Shinskie but has not come close to doing so according to Spaz and many others.


Your thoughts? Are you more or less comfortable with the quarterback situation post-spring game? Who should be the starting QB on September 4?