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Three BC Hockey Players Charged With Alcohol Possession After Crash

This is certainly not the news you wanted to close out a big weekend of Boston College sports.

Seven teenagers - six of whom are Boston College students - are facing charges after their Jeep Cherokee collided with the a Green Line MBTA trolley. The incident occurred on Saturday night around midnight, very close to campus at the intersection of South Street and Commonwealth Avenue. Of the seven teens, three were members of the BC men's ice hockey team - goalie Parker Milner, 19, Patrick Wey, 19 and Philip Samuelsson 18.

The good news is that no one in the trolley was injured. Also, according to a statement from the school, the driver of the Jeep Cherokee was not drinking at the time of the accident.

As for the bad news, four of the Jeep's passengers, including Milner, Wey and Samuelsson were injured in the accident. They were taken to St. Elizabeth's Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening neck and back injuries.

In addition, all seven passengers face charges of being minors in possession of alcohol. Three of the passengers, Milner among them, reportedly tossed what looked like alcohol containers out the window before fleeing the scene.

The MBTA will be seeking restitution for the damage to the Green Line trolley as well as the cost of running buses while the B line was out of service. 

While the three members of the team will likely be suspended by Coach York to start the season, the more pressing matters are the impending legal ones. All seven teens have been charged with being minors in possession of alcohol, and could pay a hefty sum if it's decided that they have to pay restitution to the MBTA. A court date has not been set.