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Questions Heading Into The Spring Game and the Big Finish

Brian: There was an article in the Heights yesterday posing three questions heading in the spring game. Those questions were:

  1. Who will be the starting quarterback?
  2. Can the Eagles find consistency in the receiving corps?
  3. Who will emerge on the defensive line?

Maybe I’m being a little too harsh here, but these seem like questions with fairly simple answers. Aren’t the answers to these questions 1) Dave Shinskie 2) not this year and 3) Damik ScafeAlex Albright and Kaleb Ramsey?

There’s no question in my mind that Shinskie will be the starting quarterback against Weber State, that BC will struggle in the receiving corps (even moreso than last year? a scary thought to be sure) and that while the defensive line may be a weakness, Scafe, Albright and Ramsey should be able to step up their play this year.

What questions do you have going into tomorrow’s Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Football Game?

Jeff: I have two questions: Who is catching the passes that are being thrown by the four QBs? and How are the freshmen and redshirt freshmen doing?

That's what I'll be looking for on the stat sheet following tomorrow's game. There are only a few true freshman playing tomorrow and eyes will certainly be on them. This includes linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis and the true freshmen quarterbacks.

There are also plenty of redshirt freshmen playing as well. Who is going to be a big impact player for us this season? During the TOB years it was more likely for a redshirt freshman to come in and have a huge impact. In the last few seasons, it has been true freshmen like Montel Harris and Luke Kuechly that have really helped the Eagles. Maybe under Spaz we'll go back to where it's the redshirt freshman and then ultimately down the road, fifth year seniors, that really make this team what it is.


Big Finish

Brian: Donahue wasted no time replacing assistant John Gallagher, hiring Niagara assistant Akbar Waheed. Your thoughts?

Jeff: Waheed has been at Niagara for 11 seasons. That doesn't exactly scream that he is the next stud in coaching.


Jeff: Providence hoops has signed 2 ESPN Top 100 recruits to the class of 2010 while BC (obviously) has none. Any chance this coming week brings some good news for recruiting with the basketball program?

Brian: It's possible. There's still a lot of talent left unsigned, but BC has time.


Brian: Alumni and Globe columnist Bob Ryan was quoted as saying since the core group of BC basketball seniors hit campus, the program hasn’t been a team that would warrant a columnist’s attention. Your thoughts?

Jeff: Can't disagree with him. Trapani and Jackson deserve a lot of credit for the success that this team has had and they are not a part of that class.


Jeff: Spaziani wants to do away with redshirts and let every player have five years of eligibility. Any chance that ever happens?

Brian: I don't think so. What would be the point? Your best players would jump to the NFL after 3 or 4 seasons anyway.


Brian: This year’s Meineke Bowl will be played on New Year’s Eve with kickoff at noon. Like the move?

Jeff: The more ACC bowls that move closer to New Year's Day, the better.


Jeff: Any chance the defense doesn't dominate tomorrow's game?

Brian: Small chance the defense doesn't dominate. Montel Harris and Sterlin Phifer will have to have a big day rushing the football for the offense to have success.


Brian: Last one, big weekend baseball series between N.C. State and BC. Do the Eagles win the series and pick up crucial wins in the race for ACC Tournament seeding?

Jeff: I'll go with the bold yes.