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NCAA Championship Celebration and Frozen Four Video

National Champs
National Champs

Join the Eagles hockey team on campus today to celebrate BC's 2010 NCAA National Championship. Here are the details of the event:

5:00 PM - Campus parade - From Conte Forum through Lower Campus, past Corcoran Commons, up Comm. Ave., down Linden Lane to O'Neill Plaza

5:30 PM - Ceremony begins at O'Neill Plaza

Also, granted there will certainly be plenty of championship gear and souvenirs to be had. I did want to point out that Rival Films - the company that produced The Battle of Comm. Ave. - will also be producing this year's 2010 NCAA Frozen Four Official Championship Film. You can pre-order the film on their website. Rival Films did a great job with The Battle of Comm. Ave., a documentary about the BC-BU hockey rivalry, and I'm sure they will do a great job with the official Frozen Four video.

We'll have more coverage of the Eagles' championship run and some hockey season wrap-up posts throughout the week. Go Eagles!