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ACC Men's Basketball Tournament Field Set

Wake Forest's 70-65 win over Clemson this evening concluded the 2009-2010 ACC regular season. With the loss, the Tigers fall all the way from a 3 seed to a 6 seed and miss out on a first-round bye. However, none of today's results affected BC's tournament draw, as BC (8), Virginia (9), Duke (1) and Virginia Tech (4) were all locked into their respective seeds.

The only real outcome from today's action was that we know have the possibility of facing Wake Forest instead of Florida State in a semifinal. But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Here is the ACC Tournament schedule, beginning Thursday at noon with the Eagles and Cavaliers in the 8 vs. 9 game:

First Round

(8) Boston College vs. (9) Virginia
(5) Wake Forest vs. (12) Miami
(7) Georgia Tech vs. (10) North Carolina
(6) Clemson vs. (11) N.C. State


(1) Duke vs. BC/Virginia Winner
(4) Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forest/Miami Winner
(2) Maryland vs. Georgia Tech/North Carolina Winner
(3) Florida State vs. Clemson/N.C. State Winner


We'll have more thoughts on the ACC Tournament throughout the week. Go Eagles!