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The Campaign To Bring Bruce Pearl To The Heights Has Legs

Bruce Pearl
Bruce Pearl

Did I say legs? Sorry. I meant a blog ...

It is time to look forward and not back.

Now is the time for Boston College to make a splash and begin our drive to becoming a National Powerhouse. We here and Bring Bruce Pearl to Boston College URGE ALL FANS, STUDENTS, AND ALUMS to email or call the administration at Boston College and urge them to bring in Bruce Pearl as our next head coach.

We urge all fans to flood the interwebs with calls to Bruce Pearl to come back to his Alma Mater and assume the reigns as our Next Head Coach. With your help, if we all join together, Bruce Pearl will be the Head Coach of the Boston College Eagles!!!

The site Bring Bruce Pearl To Boston College has been created to, well, bring Bruce Pearl to Boston College. At this point, I think BC has a better shot of winning the BCS National Championship Game in my lifetime than landing the great white coaching whale that is Bruce Pearl, but you have to admire the persistence. 

Superfans have also been Tweeting the hash tag "BringBrucePearl2BC" in an effort to spread the word, and I guess, get said hashtag trending worldwide, or at least trending in zip code 02467.

Of course, Superfans' overtures to Pearl are well-founded. Pearl is a BC alumni and Massachusetts native who served as a student assistant for the Eagles and once donned the Baldwin suit. He's since traded in his Baldwin feathers for unquestionable college basketball coaching success, first at Milwaukee-Wisconsin (where he upset BC in the NCAA Round of 32) and now at Tennessee, advancing the Vols to the program's first ever Elight Eight appearance this year.

While DeFilippo has publicly stated that Pearl is not a candidate for the job at this time, you have to wonder if the two are privately considering the idea behind closed doors. You'd have to think GDF would be crazy to not at least make a phone call, right?

Whether Pearl is a candidate or not, or even if he is thinking about the vacant BC coaching job, remains to be seen. What is clear is that the "Pearl to BC" bandwagon certainly has grown legs in the form of a blog and a Twitter hash tag campaign.

Over/under 12 hours on the creation of the "Bruce Pearl to Boston College" Facebook group? I'll take the under.

Your move, Mike Hamilton.