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Will Today Be Al Skinner's Last Day at Boston College?

Jeff: Even though Steve Lavin is now the frontrunner for the St. John's job, and Al Skinner remains the backup option, it appears as though Gene DeFilippo is preparing for life after Skinner. ESPN's Andy Katz is reporting that BC will announce the fate of Al Skinner sometime on Tuesday. What could the announcement be?

  • An extension for Skinner
  • A press conference reaffirming the Boston College community is behind Al
  • An announcement that Skinner is out

Of those three choices, the most likely scenario is that Skinner's days at BC are over.

We know that Gene already got the wheels in motion to look for a replacement for Al in case he ended up at St. John's. This doesn't mean that there will be a new coach at BC next year, but it is worth noting Gene wasted no time.

The biggest clue into what might happen tomorrow is just simply that there will be an announcement. With the way things went this season, you can imagine it might not be good news for Al Skinner.

Check back for updates for the latest on the future of the BC basketball program.