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Previewing BC-Red Sox with Over The Monster

Bostoncollege_medium vs. Sox_medium

Game: Boston College Eagles at Boston Red Sox (exhibition)

Time: 6:05 PM EST
 Wednesday, March 3, 2010
 City of Palms Park (capacity 8,000), Fort Myers, Fla. 
Opponents Site: Over The Monster

Last Time Out: Last weekend, BC went 1-2 in the Auburn Classic. The Eagles lost to Auburn 6-5 in extras, lost to FAU 13-2 and beat Missouri 14-6. The Eagles are now 3-3 on the year.


Sure, it's only an exhibition game for the Sox. But for the Eagles, this game is a great opportunity to take the field with the Boston Red Sox. BC will face Boston in the second game of the Red Sox's two game doubleheader against Northeastern and BC. This is also one of the rare opportunities this season that you can watch BC baseball on TV.

While BC fans are probably pretty familiar with guys like Pedroia, Youkilis and Varitek, you might be unfamiliar with some of the younger players playing in this exhibition game. 

To get a sense of what the Eagles are up against, we've asked Randy Booth of the SB Nation Red Sox blog Over The Monster to give us a brief scouting report of the Sox's lineup for tonight's game. We've also asked Randy to give us his prediction on the final score. How many runs you spotting us? Does 11 runs sound about right?

Take it away, Randy.

Red Sox Starting Lineup:

  1. Marco Scutaro (SS) - Scutaro was the first big free agent signing for the Red Sox this offseason. He's supposed to provide a consistent bat and glove on the left side of second base -- a rarity in recent years for the Sox. Think Dustin Pedroia, just not as good. But similiar ... just not as good (but still quite good).

  2. Dustin Pedroia (2B) - former MVP still talks trash with the best of them. He might be 4'5," but the guy will still probably hit a bomb or two against BC. He'll threaten to burn down your house, too.

  3. Kevin Youkilis (3B) - he's good and will cause fits among BC pitchers. Won't even be fair.

  4. Adrian Beltre (1B) - another big signing by the Red Sox this offseason, Beltre has power potential but most people should watch him for his defense at third base. Beltre is one of the best in the game and provides a huge upgrade over Mike Lowell, who may be traded before Opening Day.

  5. Jason Varitek (C) - the captain that sits on the bench. Varitek will always have his Red Sox legacy, but his career is pretty much over. Still calls a great game, though, and makes all the ladies swoon.

  6. Jeremy Hermida (LF) - the first move the Sox made this offseason was trading for Hermida from Florida. Hermida has a lot of potential, but just hasn't busted out quite yet. Theo Epstein and the Sox hope he busts out this season. Hermida will most likely be a backup outfielder.

  7. Tug Hulett (DH) - Tug gets on base a great clip, but will probably start the year in Triple-A Pawtucket. He's just an insurance option in the infield, but his name is Tug. So he's got that going for him.

  8. Josh Reddick (RF) - Perhaps a future starting outfielder for the Sox. Reddick has a lot of potential to be a star for Boston, but his time isn't this year. A great defensive outfielder with power, Reddick just needs to learn how to take a walk or two and could be quite valuable in 2011 or 2012.

  9. Ryan Kalish (CF) - a lot like Reddick, but not as advanced. Kalish could be a big surprise for the Sox in a couple years. Many consider Kalish a better prospect than Reddick, but this season will really prove which player is more valuable. The odds of both starting in the outfield for the Sox in the near future is slim, but definitely could happen. (A Reddick, Kalish and Jacoby Ellsbury outfield, anyone?)


Starting Pitcher: Boof Bonser - a lot of Sox fans are upset that Bonser is pitching in the televised game and not uber-prospect Casey Kelly (who pitches the day game), but I think it's because Terry Francona wanted "Tug" and "Boof" to be in the same game. That really can be the only reason. Bonser, besides his name, has great command of the strikezone. He won't overpower any of the BC hitters, but since he is a major leaguer, he could do some damage. The best thing he could do is keep the batters off-balance.


Prediction. Red Sox win 13-2. Yeah, I'll give it an 11-run advantage. If the Red Sox lose, then ... do you guys need a BC baseball beat writer?


Leave your thoughts on the game below.

For more information on the Boston Red Sox, be sure to check out Over The Monster.