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Alaska Nanooks' Pregame Videos Make Kids Cry

Going into the Eagles' NCAA Tournament first round game with the Alaska Nanooks, BC didn't know much about Division I's westernmost college hockey team. When asked in today's postgame press conference what York and the Eagles had known about Alaska going into the game, York pointed out UAF's now famous pregame videos that have found their way to YouTube:

"They have a YouTube presentation, it's on YouTube, their introduction. It's got thousands of hits. The kids had seen that throughout the course of the year. A polar bear, taking out campuses, taking out - battles, stuff like that.

I showed it to my grandson — and he started crying. I said, that's probably not the thing to show."

I guess if the Nanooks have nothing else to show for their 4,089 mile trip to Worcester, they can take comfort in the fact that their Death Bear pregame videos made Jerry York's grandkids cry.