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Al Skinner To St. John's Rumors and the Big Finish

Jeff: The story of the past 24 hours for BC is that Al Skinner has been approached by St. John's to talk about their head coach vacancy.  Earlier in the week St. John's interviewed and offered the position to Paul Hewitt of Georgia Tech but he did not accept.  Is it possible that Al Skinner is now the front runner?  When I think of Paul Hewitt and Al Skinner and look for similarities the first one I come up with is that they're the only two current coaches in the ACC that I have met.  Second, I would say that they are both under-appreciated by their fan bases.  Both have had some very good seasons but have not exceeded expectations recently.  It's reported that Skinner will have an interview so now let's just wait and see what happens.


Big Finish

Jeff: Dave Shinskie is going through spring football workouts for the first time ever this season.  And yet some fans don't think he has an upside?

Joe: Well, after some of the performances he had last season, especially late in the year, I'd have to think there's nowhere for Shinskie to go but up.  At least, that's what I hope.


Joe: BC baseball won their home opener against Holy Cross on Thursday, but they're still off to a disappointing 8-12 start, in part due to weaker starting pitching.   Can BC right the ship or is it going to be a long year?

Jeff: Unfortunately, it doesn't currently look like the team will build on the momentum they created for the program last season.


Jeff: The big story this week is who will get the St. John's position.  Skinner is being rumored to go for an interview, so will Skinner be departing BC?

Joe:I personally doubt it, but it's a distinct possibility.  Al is a native of the Tri-State Area, as am I, so that would probably have some allure, but it'll come down to what they'll offer him and what his family thinks.  We'll see.


Joe: The Athletics Department is selling student tickets to the NCAA Tournament for $35 instead of the $85 face value, taking a $50 hit on each one, in addition to providing transportation to Worcester. I like what they're doing here; how about you?

Jeff: The is exactly what they should be doing. Similar to giving away students tickets to bowl games and the ACCCG, this is exactly how I like to see a small portion of Flynn Fund donations spent.


Jeff: Last one. What is in store for the Eagles this weekend on the ice?  A couple of victories?

Joe: They'll get at least one, but the second round will be tough.  I'm confident in this team's ability to get the job done, though.