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The Boston College Spring Depth Chart and the Big Finish

Jeff: Brian is in Europe where apparently they don't have internet.  I always thought that world wide web was truly world wide, but since working with Brian on BCI the past few years, he has managed to travel to many places where the internet does not exist.  Have no fear though, Joe, from Soaring to Glory, is here to fill in.

Eagle in Atlanta has already hit the highlights, but with the spring football depth chart now released, there is no way to not talk football today given that basketball has ended for BC. What, if anything jumps out to you, Joe? I know I was not sure Momah was still going to listed as DE. How about you?

Joe: I'm glad to be here Jeff.  Prying myself away from March Madness right now is tough, but let's go on with the spring depth chart.  The first thing I noticed when looking it over is how many names aren't on it.  That's not necessarily unusual for a spring depth chart, but I digress.  When I scrolled down, the first name I looked for was Chase Rettig.  Nope.  Herzlich?  Clearly not ready at this point.  Castonzo?  Still injured apparently.  Scafe?  Him too.  I could go on, but you get the point. 

As for the people who are on it, aside from Momah still being listed at DE, one thing I noticed (as did many BC fans) is that Kevin Pierre-Louis, who has not played one snap of Boston College football yet, is listed.  I already knew the coaching staff likes him, and this proves it.

At the end of the day, however, I try not to read too much into any of these things.  We're still six months and change away from the start of the season, and many things can and will develop.  With players being introduced and re-introduced to the depth chart over the course of spring and summer, the opening day product against Weber State won't look a whole lot like this.  Regardless, it's interesting to see some of the decisions they've made to this point.

All of a sudden, I'm looking forward to the spring game now, even without some of the big names.

Jeff: I would agree that overall there is not too much to read into things here.  The injured players not being listed is no surprise and it is worth noting that only one true freshman is on the two-deep, Pierre-Louis, as you pointed out.  But, let's remember, Not every freshman enrolls early even though it is a growing trend. And for Rettig not being listed, let's also remember Spaz didn't finally list Dave Shinskie as the lone starter until very late in the season last year.  So even though it's only Spaz's second year, we already know he does play some games with the depth chart in the QB slot.


Big Finish

Jeff: The Big East has gotten off to a dreadful start in the postseason. Marquette, Notre Dame and Georgetown were upset yesterday, Villanova needed OT to beat a 15 seed and the league is 2-3 in the NIT. Surprised?

Joe: Some Big East losses wouldn't have shocked me, but the scope of their failure is surprising, yes.  Thursday was a disaster for the Big East, and there's no way to sugarcoat it.  They had better hope Syracuse and West Virginia take care of business, or else they'll really start to hear the "o" word (overrated).


Joe: Conversely, the ACC is off to a 3-0 start in the NIT while Wake won an OT thriller against Texas. What else does the ACC have to do to silence its naysayers this postseason?

Jeff: The ACC should have a strong showing early in both the NIT and NCAA tournament but we'll need a team other than Duke in the Elite Eight to get true respect back.


Jeff: HD has 3 reasons to believe in the Eagles this season.  So for Clemson and FSU she'll probably find 5-10 reasons, right?

Joe: At the least.


Joe: The Heights ran a story this week about Montel Harris's day job -- no, not rushing for touchdowns, but working at Hillside.  I admire his work ethic, and I could go for one of his sandwiches with chips right now.  Sound good to you?

Jeff: Sounds great as I am cemented to my recliner watching another long day of basketball.


Jeff: So give me a prediction for the hockey team this weekend.  Will they bring home a Hockey East Championship?

Joe: I would be shocked if they didn't. They'll beat Vermont and I'm guessing BU on the way.

Jeff: I like the bold prediction.  Go BC!!