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Has Skinner Lost This Team? and the Big Finish

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Brian: Alright Jeff. We’ve had a day to think about and sift through the flaming wreckage that was BC’s 68-62 first round exit in the ACC Tournament. The Eagles defense gave up easy buckets all day and they left Sammy Zeglinski virtually unguarded. Zeglinski made the Eagles pay, connecting on 5 of 10 3-point attempts and finishing with 21 points. Joe Trapani (2 points) and Tyler Roche (2 points) had terrible shooting nights, going a combined 1-for-13 from the floor. Reggie Jackson seemed to press the action for much of the game, and killed a couple of BC possessions by deciding to shoot the ball early in the possession instead of setting up BC's Flex offense.

The only bright spot of the game was that Rakim Sanders returned to form, scoring a team-high 22 points in the loss.

The game will largely be remembered for Skinner’s decision to bench Trapani for the game’s final 13 minutes. Sure, he was having an awful game shooting from the floor, but the move seemed a little extreme, no? Do you agree with Skinner’s decision to bench Trapani for the rest of the game, give the Eagles were still within striking distance and needed 3-point shooters on the floor?

Jeff: No reason to play your guy who played more and scored more than anyone else all season only 22 minutes in what turned out to be the final game of the season for the Eagles. Trapani needed to be in for the Eagles all season so I don't know why today was any different even though he did get off to an incredibly rough start. Unfortunately the season ends with just another head-scratcher in a season that has been full of them.

Brian: Allow me to state the obvious for a second here. There will be no postseason for BC. For the second time in three seasons, the Eagles finish the year below .500. The Eagles haven’t won an NCAA Tournament game now in 3 full seasons.

The Eagles return all five starters and only lose Tyler Roche. Any reason to think next year won’t be more of the same? More importantly, is it time for the school to part ways with Skinner?

Jeff: It is not time at all to part ways with Al Skinner. The program has gone into a rough patch since losing Jared Dudley but they are not so far from competing for an ACC Title that it is time to start over. Not to mention the old argument that Skinner is the winningest all-time basketball coach at BC and has brought unprecedented success to the Heights where only making the dance in one of two seasons is suddenly reason to talk about firing him.

As far as next year, it can't be worse for BC. BC isn't going to the postseason this year so the only way to go is up and all our starters return. With only losing Tyler Roche it is hard to imagine that BC won't get a little better while some other ACC schools will be losing a lot more talent to the NBA and graduation.


Big Finish

Jeff: SI’s Andy Staples names 6 ACC football programs that have a chance to win the 2010 conference title. BC, of course, is not among those teams. Your thoughts?

Brian: If you agree that the Coastal Division will be stronger next year, this isn't exactly going out on a limb. He named 2/3 of the Coastal Division.


Brian: Gobbler Country determined that it cost BC $3,881,613 per win in football and $632,101 per win in men’s basketball in 2009-2010. Your thoughts?

Jeff: The $3,881,613 was money well spent. Those wins in front of 3,000 fans at Conte are a little expensive.


Jeff: The Globe reports that Al Skinner was the highest paid BC employee in 2007-2008, bringing in a salary of $2.2 million. Your thoughts?

Brian: Probably not the most opportune time to report this news.


Brian: Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has an idea to liven up spring practices - he wants the Tigers to play the Georgia Bulldogs in a preseason exhibition game. Is this a good idea?

Jeff: No. Great for fans but not for schools and players.


Jeff: The 5-6 BC baseball team opens ACC play this weekend with a three-game series with No. 13 Miami. Any chance the Eagles can steal the series from the Canes?

Brian: Pat Dean (2-0, 3.86) could take game 1, but after that, or other two weekend starters have ERAs north of 9. Not very likely.


Brian: Fenway Sports Group extended its partnership with the BC ISP Sports Network through 2019. Good news?

Jeff: At least there's always a way to follow BC action online.


Jeff: Last one, Hockey East quarterfinals begin tonight with BC taking on UMass at Conte Forum. Who ya got? What’s the final score?

Brian: I've got the Eagles winning tonight 3-1.