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Boston College, ACC schedules to be released later today

Just a heads up that the ACC will release the conference’s football schedule later today (around 2 PM ET). So you’ll be able to make wedding plans soon after that (not that a Superfan would get married during football season!).

We already more or less know what the BC non-conference schedule looks like: The first game will be against Weber State (Sept. 4). On Sept. 11, BC will play Kent State at home. The last scheduled game between the Irish and the Eagles will be played on October 2. And the Syracuse game is tenatively scheduled for Nov. 27.

In conference play, BC gets Clemson, Maryland, Virginia and Virginia Tech at home. The Eagles travel to Florida State (tentatively Oct. 16), NC State, Wake Forest and Duke.

We will post the schedule here when it comes out and then post our thoughts on the complete schedule tomorrow.