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Five Good Minutes: Duke Preview With Duke Basketball Report

The BC men's basketball team has had the week off to prepare to host Duke on Saturday. Can the Eagles put together a solid 40 minutes and hang with the Blue Devils? To find out more, and to preview Saturday's game between the Eagles and the Blue Devils, we welcome Duke Basketball Report to the blog for Five Good Minutes.


BC Interruption: Let's get this first question out of the way early. How much are you loving what's going on in Chapel Hill this year? Here's your opportunity to gloat. Have at it.

Duke Basketball Report: Well I should draw a distinction between the players and the fans. UNC fans have a pretty high opinion of their world, so when that gets shaken I like it. I feel bad for the kids though. I know they are miserable with this.

Okay, well except for Marcus Ginyard. I have a hard time feeling bad for him. And I think Williams is shifting the blame subtly, saying stuff like, basically, "well it's always worked before" and things like that, which is really a crappy thing to do. If he's the brilliant coach people think he is he could get through. And to be fair, he's a tremendous coach. But he's not handling adversity very well right now, is he?


BCI: Boston College played Duke close for a half before the Blue Devils blew the game wide open in the second half. What did you see from Duke that allowed them to turn a close three point game into a blowout victory?

DBR: To be honest, Duke didn't show up in the first half. They came out in a bad mood after halftime, which is a characteristic of a Krzyzewski team, and B.C. couldn't match it.


BCI: Do you think the fact that Duke has to play 2 games in 3 days (Thursday night at home vs. Georgia Tech, then Saturday at BC) will hurt this team? Not only does Duke have to play two games in 3 days, but after BC, you get your first shot at the Tar Heels next Wednesday. Any chance BC can knock off the Blue Devils on short rest or catch them looking ahead to North Carolina?

DBR: I think Duke has had a tough time with quick turnarounds, but big deal. That's all March is about. As far as looking ahead, doesn't happen very often. Boston has been a tough trip for Duke and will probably be again. I think BC has improved a lot lately.


BCI: In the Duke backcourt, who has made more of an impact on this season - Jon Scheyer or Nolan Smith? Who are some other played not named Scheyer, Smith or Singler that the Eagles should be worried about on Saturday?

DBR: Hard to say. Duke really suffered when Smith sat out two games, but Scheyer is a brilliant basketball player. I would keep an eye on the big men. I'm not sure you match up well with them, just as Duke may have issues with your wings.


BCI: Most everyone has already tabbed Duke as the ACC regular season and tournament champions this year. In your opinion, which ACC program presents the biggest challenge to Duke winning the ACC regular season title? How about the tournament title?

DBR: Tough call. Probably Maryland and Georgia Tech, but UNC is like a vampire. I'll feel better after they're dead and gone. And I'm not sure Duke is a lock. This is a crazy year.


BCI: ACC expansion. Your take on the impact it has had on ACC basketball?

DBR: It's hurt it. I'd much rather they go back to the round robin. Playing teams just once has really screwed things up. Home and home allowed for payback, which is important and should be protected.


BCI: Last one, prediction time. I'm assuming you have Duke cruising to victory in this one. So with that as a given, what's the final score in this one?

DBR: Given Duke's road record and the rapid turnaround, I wouldn't go that far. Plus I think your guys have improved. I would take Duke by 5-10 points I guess but it's been an interesting rivalry so far.

BCI: Thanks for joining us.


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