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Toss Up: A Closer Look at BC's National Signing Day Haul

Wrapping up National Signing Day, or creepy high school stalking day. Whichever you prefer.


Toss Up - More excited about Chase Rettig or Shakim Phillips?

Jeff: Shakim Phillips because Phillips is more likely to play next year. If you had to put money on the four possible scenarios where either both play, both redshirt, or one or the other redshirts, I think either both redshirting or Rettig reshirting and Phillips playing are the most likely possibilities. Even if both do play next year Phillips is the one that can have a better immediate impact. Look at Alshon Jeffery this year at South Carolina, or Julio Jones last year at Alabama. They were huge impact players as freshman while Rettig would be just another freshman quarterback. I am only looking at next year and not beyond that because the recruit I've been the most excited about coming to BC ever was Josh Haden and look what happened in his second year.

Brian: I'm more excited about Chase Rettig. Even if he doesn't start or even play this season, having Rettig enrolled early, learning the offensive system and challenging for the starting job will pay huge dividends for this team. Rettig should be able to challenge both Shinskie and Marscovetra, allowing them to develop more in the offseason. With the departures of Dominique Davis and Justin Tuggle and the decommitment of Joe Boisture, bringing in both Rettig and Bordner will push Shinskie and Marscovetra to either improve on their game or get out of the way.

I think Shakim Phillips can have an impact on this team, maybe as soon as this season, but he's going to need someone to get him the ball.


Toss Up - Bigger recruiting need this year? Quarterback or running back?

Brian: Quarterback, for all the reasons stated above. We had a gaping hole in the continuum of Boston College quarterbacks after BC whiffed on Boisture and Tuggle and Davis left the Heights. Spaz filled this need well bringing in both Bordner and Rettig. While Tranquill and Spaz definitely needed to bring in an additional back to share the workload with Montel Harris, BC does have sophomore Rolandan 'Deuce' Finch and redshirt freshman Sterlin Phifer to take some carries. I love the additions of 3* Tahj Kimble and 3* Andre Williams, but the QB position was the more pressing need for BC this year.

Jeff: Running back. We only need one QB and we have one with Dave Shinskie who will be good enough in his second year to better than half the QBs in the ACC and he has three more years eligibility. At RB you need at least a good second string and Montel Harris only has two years left. A good RB recruit could come in and back up Harris right away or redshirt and be ready to start in his redshirt sophomore season.


Toss Up - Better RB prospect - Andre Williams or Tahj Kimble?

Jeff: Rivals has Andre Williams ranked higher than Kimble even though both are considered 3 stars. But if you look at the schools that were recruiting both players and those that offered scholarships, Tahj Kimble had a lot more interest than Williams had so I'm going to say Kimble is a little better. Obviously, this is stupid because BC has become a solid athletics program by getting the guys that other schools overlook.

Brian: Push? I just don't know the answer to this question. Both running backs' films look good. At 214 pounds, Williams is a bit bigger and more of a power back. On the other hand, Kimble is smaller and is described as a skilled pass-catcher. Checking down to our third and fourth receivers coming out of the backfield is something BC got away from last year. So it will be a welcome change of pace if we can get our backs more involved in the passing attack this year. 

The short answer, though, is that we don't really know. Two years ago, if asked this question, everyone would have told you Josh Haden was the better RB prospect than Montel Harris. Look where that got us.


Toss Up - Better name … Steele Divitto or Tahj Kimble?

Brian: It's gotta be Steele Divitto. The guy's name sounds like he just wants to hit something, which - of course - is perfect since he plays outside linebacker. Also, Divitto continues the tradition of recruiting outstanding athletes from Don Bosco Prep in NJ.

Jeff: Steele Divitto. But if Tahj Boyd had come to BC last year then having two Tahj's on the team would be cool.


Last one, Toss Up - Starting QB on September 4, 2010 - Chase Rettig or Dave Shinskie?

Brian: I'll hesitantly go with Shinskie here. While I think Rettig has the potential to perform well on the Heights, I'd prefer not to go through the same "song and dance" we did this past season where Shinskie was injured, came back from injury, Spaziani dragged his feet to name a starter and stick with him, etc. If the Eagles are going to have similar success to this past season (8+ wins), Spaz needs to pick a starter before opening day and stick with that guy. I'd prefer not to go through the same freshman learning curve we did through the first 5-6 games of the 2009 season, which would mean going with Shinskie. I'm OK with this if Marscovetra can serve as an adequate backup to Shinskie and we can save a year of eligibility for both Rettig and Bordner.

Jeff: Dave Shinskie. Chase Rettig only has a chance to be the opening day starter if Shinskie is injured. Otherwise, Rettig will not be a starter until several games into the season if at all this year.