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Has BC Basketball Figured It Out? and the Big Finish

Brian: With the Eagles’ 80-60 drubbing of Virginia Tech on Wednesday night, BC basketball has now won back-to-back games for the first time in 56 days. It also marks the first time in over a year that BC has won back-to-back ACC regular season games. Skinners decision to insert Reggie Jackson into the starting lineup has paid off. Jackson started the game dishing off three assists on the Eagles’ first three baskets, pushing the lead to 15-2 behind 3 three-pointers from Joe Trapani. The Eagles took a 15 point lead into halftime and coasted to a 20-point victory.

I’ll certainly take back-to-back home ACC wins, but let’s temper expectations just a little bit. Beating Carolina this year certainly doesn’t mean as much as it would in other years when you can say you defeated the defending National Champion. Similarly, Virginia Tech’s 8-5 ACC mark was largely a product of one of, if not the easiest schedule in the ACC. The Hokies miss playing arguably the five best teams in the ACC this year twice (Duke, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Florida State, Maryland).

Despite these facts, Skinner is telling the press - hell, anyone who will listen - that the Eagles have arrived.

"I don't know why it took us so long to get to this point, but I think we've arrived, and guys are doing what they're supposed to. We're going to find out in our next game. We can play well and still not win, but at least let us play the way we're comfortable with."

While back-to-back wins over ACC opponents is certainly cause for optimism, have the Eagles really arrived?

Jeff: I think you might be giving a little to much weight to the Hokies' strength of schedule because winning 8 games in the ACC up until this point is still an accomplishment. This Hokies team will be heading to the NCAA tournament as long as they can just win their remaining home games. Wednesday night's victory was a great win for BC not only because they cruised to the win and got to get in all the players for the first time since the NJIT game, but also because they were able to win back-to-back conference games for the first time in a long time.

It's true the Eagles are playing better, but you also have to look at the schedule when evaluating them. In these final five games the Eagles should now go at least 3-2 by beating Virginia at home. There's also a good opportunity for a win at N.C. State to get them to 4-1. We'll really find out if the Eagles are capable of an ACC Tournament run tomorrow when they play at Georgia Tech. If the Eagles can either win the game or play the Jackets close,, I will like BC's chances of making a run at the neutral site games in Greensboro this season.

Brian: Road wins in the ACC have certainly been in short supply this year. What will it take for the Eagles to keep things rolling and knock off Georgia Tech tomorrow?

Jeff: It will take a fast start like the Eagles got yesterday against Virginia Tech. BC needs to hit some shots early so they are not climbing out of any double digit deficits to come away with a victory. A fast start is key to keeping the crowd somewhat quiet.

Brian: Care to make a bold prediction for tomorrow’s game?

Jeff: No. I really want to say the Eagles will win but getting it does in Atlanta is far different from winning at home.


Big Finish

Brian: GDF promoted from within to replace Jim Paquette, hiring Steve Novak to the position of assistant athletics director/development. You like the AD’s decision to promote internally?

Jeff: I know you're disappointed it wasn't you but I'm ok with it.


Jeff: HD ranked the 2010 ACC non-conference football schedules and its no surprise BC's schedule is second to last. I'm glad we're not playing Duke's schedule though. Agree?

Brian: I like Duke's schedule next year. One absolute reach (Bama) game, two service academies and a I-AA.


Brian: College Football Data Warehouse came up with their own program decade rankings and BC snuck into the Top 25 at #25. Sound about right to you?

Jeff: I thought BC might crack top 20. Oregon State way up there? Maybe I need to watch more Pac-10 football.


Jeff: Paul Hewitt has been tweeting in defense of his team. Any chance the Jackets will be distracted by all the negative media in Atlanta?

Brian: Nope. Georgia Tech is solid at home. They've only lost once in Alexander Memorial Coliseum all season.


Brian: From the Rumble Seat took a closer look at free throw defense and found that BC enjoys the third best FT defense in the ACC. Perhaps there is truth to Yellow Man's powers. Your thoughts?

Jeff: Inexplainable.


Jeff: Eagle in Atlanta poses the question whether the city of Boston (and BC) could host the Olympics? Your thoughts?

Brian: Having lived through Chicago's failed bid, I don't think the games would ever come to Boston. However, I know Northwestern was going to get revamped athletic facilities out of the deal so it wouldn't hurt BC if they did host.


Brian: Last one, the odds for BC to win the 2011 BCS title have been set at 125/1. While we don’t condone gambling on this site, come clean. You are liking those odds, right?

Jeff: Absolutely. The Eagles probably have a legit 50-1 or better chance. The schedule sets up well for them.