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Would No Name Jerseys Be a Good Look for BC? and the Big Finish

Brian: New coach, new season, and now, new uniforms in Lawrence. The Kansas Jayhawks football program will unveil new uniforms for the 2010 season. One of the biggest uniform changes is that for the first time in nearly 30 years, Kansas won’t have names on the back of their uniforms. That's old school!

But why make the move, new head coach Turner Gill?

"The reasoning behind not having the individual’s names is to support what we are expecting from our team and program," KU football coach Turner Gill said in a release. "Our program is about team. We are representing the University of Kansas. You will see that name on the front of our jerseys."

Personally, I like the message that this sends to both the players and fans. It’s all about the program and not about one individual.

Next season, BC will unveil new football uniforms as part of their new, six year apparel deal with Under Armour. BC already doesn’t have a logo on their helmet. How about adopting this idea and leaving names off the back of the uniforms too?

Jeff: I don't like it. I want to identify players by their name and not a number on their uniform as a fan. In hockey and in football I want names on the back of the jerseys because otherwise everyone looks the same since they all have helmets on. If you want to take names off in all other sports I have no problem with that because there you have both a number and a face to distinguish players. Just think of watching a BC basketball game on TV right now. If you don't have a large high definition TV, sometimes it's difficult to tell whether Roche or Trapani is on the floor since they have similar builds, haircuts, looks, and numbers.

I am a Turner Gill fan but I don't support this move.


Big Finish

Brian: The new Loyola (Md.) athletic director Jim Paquette helped raise more than $200 million for BC athletics through the years. With the departure of Paquette, do you think BC athletics fundraising will suffer over the next few years?

Jeff: I doubt it. An ACC Championship in football or a revival of the basketball program will cure all fundraising issues.


Jeff: The baseball season begins this weekend with a three-game series at Tulane. Last year, the Eagles got off to a fast 6-0-0 start. Can the Eagles get off to a similar fast start in 2010?

Brian: I like BC to keep things rolling and win 2 of 3 this weekend vs. the Green Wave.


Brian: Over the last 5 seasons, BC has been the most consistent ACC football program in terms of number of conference wins per year. Would you have correctly guessed who the most inconsistent program was?

Jeff: Maryland would be my guess and I was close but wrong. Miami surprised me. Virginia was my second guess.


Jeff: Speaking of football ... since our basketball team is sub-par, how many days until kickoff and Herzlich's return?

Brian: Too long.


Brian: The US Men’s National soccer team’s Charlies Davies says he’s only a month away from resuming training with his French club, Sochaux. Pretty incredible recovery, right?

Jeff: He's been ahead of original predictions since he left the hospital. Looking forward to watching him get back out on the field.


Jeff: BC hockey plays Northeastern in a home-and-home this weekend, starting tonight and wrapping up Sunday. How many points you got the Eagles taking this weekend?

Brian: Let's try this again. BC gets 4 points to keep pace with first place UNH.


Brian: Last one. There’s a pretty not-so-important important basketball game tomorrow between BC and UNC. Who ya got? What’s the final score?

Jeff: BC for sure. And it is important.

BC needs to make the postseason and get more games in before next season. Kenpom predicts tomorrow's game and the Virginia game as BC's most likely conference wins of the entire season since we were predicted to lose the Clemson and at Miami games. Boston College 64, North Carolina 54. And if you have any hopes of BC making a run in the tournament we need to jump up to a 7 seed to avoid Duke on the second day. That would probably take going 4-1 in our last five which might be even a little optimistic for me.