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BC's Colson Accused of Altercation with FSU Band Member

Reportedly, there was an incident between Boston College assistant basketball coach Bonzie Colson and a member of the Florida State band immediately following BC's 62-47 loss to the Seminoles.

As first reported by

The band member stated in writing that he was shoved by Boston College assistant coach Bonzie Colson, according to a report taken by an off-duty trooper working at the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center.

"I ... was exiting the basketball court and found myself stuck between the media table and the basketball team," the student wrote. "A coach was in my way ... I looked at him and said, ‘excuse me.’ He took his hands, one on each of my shoulders, and shoved me by him."

The student said that Colson then told him, "Get the (expletive) off my court." Two other students submitted written witness statements supporting the band member’s story.

Boston College officials are aware of the report and will investigate the incident further when the team returns to Chestnut Hill. Tallahassee-Leon County police are investigating the incident as a possible battery.

Colson is in his ninth season on the Boston College coaching staff. He joined BC in 2001 as director of basketball operations, and assumed assistant head coach responsibilities in the spring of 2007 after the departures of Bill Coen (Northeastern head coach) and Ed Cooley (Fairfield head coach).

Not sure what will come of this situation but it doesn't look good for the school or the basketball team. With the team mired in a four game losing streak (and 8 of their last 10 games), this is certainly the last thing Skinner and the athletics department want to deal with.