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BC Interruption College Bowl Pick'Em Update 3

We've reached the midpoint of the college bowl season. Eighteen bowls down, just 17 to go. And through 18 bowls, the fix is still in ... though the gap between first and second has been closed considerably, with my picks leading Go Away Spaz by just 2 points.

I just so happened to switch my pick from North Carolina to Tennessee yesterday morning. Yeah, about that ... I guess that makes up for the points I won on the Pinstripe Bowl. Thanks, refs. /salute

Just four participants have correctly guessed 11 of the 18 bowl game winners -- Pistol Whipping The Pack, Moonwalker, Chicken Eagle and CSOM_97/Leather_D. While I'm currently in first place, my possible point total pales in comparison to Moonwalker's 555 points. It's a marathon, not a sprint, I guess.

The BC Interruption college bowl pick'em standings are sure to be turned upside down over the next two days, with a whopping 10 bowl games to be played over the next two days. It starts at noon today with the Meineke Car Care Bowl between USF and Clemson, and ends with the New Year's Day Rose Bowl between TCU and Wisconsin. Oh wait, there's another BCS bowl game to be played later tomorrow night? I think I'll pass ...

Standings after the jump.

Rank Pick Set Correct Picks Points Possible Points
1 Pistol Whipping The Pack 11 of 18 189 496
2 Go Away Spaz 10 of 18 187 455
3 Art Vandelay 10 of 18 171 509
4 Moonwalker 11 of 18 163 555
5 BC Wife In KCMO 10 of 18 160 503
6 FromtheRumbleSeat 8 of 18 159 484
7 Pedro's Possibly Perfect Picks 9 of 18 152 515
7 Joey Fenn 8 of 18 152 435
9 Karbo's Set 10 of 18 151 515
10 Chicken Eagle 11 of 18 150 528