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Boston College 93, Bryant 77: Box Scorin' The Weekend's ACC Action

Brian: I didn't get to watch Sunday's 93-77 win over Bryant and only have the box score to go off of. Josh Southern scored a career-high 18 points and Biko Paris added 18 (6-of-9 shooting, all from three) for the Eagles' sixth straight win. Reggie Jackson added 16 points, 9 assists, while Corey Raji seems to have rebounded from his concussion adding 15. While Joe Trapani added a team-high 8 rebounds and 3 steals, his woes from the field continued. Trapani shot just 2-6 from the floor.

Who were you most impressed with on Sunday? Any box score surprises for you?

Jeff: Certainly you have to be happy with Southern's output and Paris' shooting but at least in the case of Southern that is nothing that we can expect on a regular basis once we get into ACC play. Also, everyone played at least three minutes which is usually one of the goals when playing a game like this. Overall I'm happy we won in a fashion that allowed everyone on the bench to play but the game was real close half way through the first half and Bryant actually beat the Eagles by a point in the second half. The defense must not have been too great to allow 77 points to Bryant so I probably would not have been too happy if I had been one of the 5,000+ in attendance which was a very nice size crowd for this matchup in my opinion.

Brian: Ten ACC teams were in action over the weekend. Virginia was a big winner over Oregon 63-48, while Virginia Tech won big on the road at Mississippi State. Clemson, Florida State and Georgia Tech were also winners. On the losing end of the weekend, North Carolina lost to a ranked Texas team. N.C. State lost by 10 at home against Arizona. UCF upset Miami 84-78, while Wake Forest continued their struggles against Xavier, losing the Skip Prosser Classic 83-75.

Which result from the weekend was the most surprising? Which team turned in the most disappointing performance?

Jeff: Miami certainly turned in the most disappointing performance when they failed to be competitive with undefeated UCF on a neutral floor. Miami might not be one of the greatest basketball school in the ACC but they should still expect to beat in state non-AQ conference schools just as the rest of the ACC schools do. Overall though, I don't have the lines for this weekends action but I would not be surprised if every favored team won this weekend. UCF might have been favored over Miami since they are undefeated so far this season and Texas was probably slight favorites over UNC while Arizona would have been favored over the Wolfpack which has not done much so far this season.