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The Vinny Saponari Saga Takes A Strange Turn

Back in October, Vinny Saponari -- the former Boston University forward dismissed from the Terriers for failing to attend a punishment for underage drinking -- was reportedly set to join the Eagles for the 2011-12 season. It seemed like a rather strange chapter to the storied BC-BU rivalry at the time.

Well, now it looks like Saponari won't be trading in his scarlet and white "Boston" hockey sweater for a maroon and gold one after all.

"Former BU Terrier Vinny Saponari, who was slated to transfer to Boston College next season, has had his transfer application denied by BC's board of admissions according to sources.

It is unknown whether or not Saponari can appeal their decision.

According to BC's admissions website, "We recommend that a student wait one full year before reapplying so that they have time to improve their academic record in order to have the best chance of being admitted should they attempt to apply again."

Saponari was dismissed from BU's team this past spring, along with his brother Victor, for an alcohol-related incident that took place March 17."

Jim Montgomery, Saponari's current coach of the Dubuque Fighting Saints (USHL) adds that the BC coaching staff "was not happy" with the denial. Saponari's BU to BC move was strange in and of itself. It seems even stranger that York and the hockey coaching staff wouldn't be on the same page as the Admissions Committee.

Saponari will reportedly "keep his options open" and will start talking to schools in February. He could also probably make the jump to the AHL, as he will become eligible (turn 20) by next season. Saponari's NHL draft rights are owned by the Atlanta Thrashers, which means if he goes the AHL route, he would be placed with the Thrashers' AHL affiliate Chicago Wolves.