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Boston College 79, Maryland 75: Donahue 1 For 1 In The ACC

Brian: Despite a career high 27 points from Jordan Williams, the Eagles were able to outlast the Maryland Terrapins on the road 79-75. The win is the first ACC win of the Steve Donahue era and the third straight win for BC at the Comcast Center. Biko Paris scored a career high 22 points and Corey Raji came up big in the final minute of play to lead the Eagles (8-2, 1-0 ACC) over the Terrapins (7-4, 0-1 ACC).

The Eagles made 13 three pointers in the game. Raji scored nine of his 11 points in the second half, while Reggie Jackson added 16 points. Trapani added 10 points, including his 1,000th point of his career in the first half. Who were you most impressed with on Sunday?

Jeff: Raji was certainly impressive because he hadn't played at all recently and was in his first game back from injury. Trapani hit a late game clutch 3 that is somewhat unlike him because his jumpers are almost always off late in games when some fatigue sets in. Jackson is impressive just because he is the point guard and leader for this team that shouldn't be beating Maryland on the road this season. And of course you can not compliment this team without mentioning Coach Donahue and the job he has done so far.

Brian: The Eagles are seemingly ahead of schedule in year one under Coach Donahue. I know I've asked this before, but do your expectations for this team again change now that the Eagles are off to a fast 8-2 start? How many more wins will the Eagles rattle off before losing another game? Your thoughts?

Jeff: The Eagles are certainly ahead of expectations but maybe not by a large margin yet. If you had looked at the schedule you could've easily seen the Eagles going 2-1 in Orlando as they did (although maybe in different fashion). Then winning their other games leading up to this Maryland game and losing on the road in their ACC opener also resulting in an 8-2 start. Had the Eagles not lost to Yale, then we'd really be talking about ahead of schedule. As it is, I am not willing to predict any better than 6-10 for the Eagles this season at this point. If I were going to jump to 8-8, it would honestly be more because of what I've seen out of the rest of the ACC than the good things I've been seeing from the Eagles. I still just can't picture the Eagles really holding up once they start going up against ACC teams twice a week. I really really hope I am wrong and this team goes to the NCAA tournament but I feel like we must have been at least a little right when we dissected this team in the off-season.