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First Look At Boston College-Maryland Hoops And The Big Finish

Brian: BC and Maryland kick off ACC play this weekend as the Eagles travel to the Comcast Center to face the Terps. Maryland is a quiet 7-3, having beat the teams they should beat but losing to Pittsburgh, Illinois and Temple. The last loss to the Owls was a little demoralizing, having played a close game against a highly regarded team only to let simple mistakes cost them the game. Maryland turned around and drilled UNC-Greensboro on Wednesday night, winning 99-56. Maryland is led by some good guard play and Jordan Williams, who at 6'10" is dominating the early season. Williams is averaging 17.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game.

The Eagles, meanwhile, are winners of four straight, including three over major conference opponents and a win over our cross-state rivals. BC is finding ways to win games despite the losses of Corey Raji (injury) and Cortney Dunn (suspended for two more games for a violation of team rules).

How do you see this game going down? Will BC have any answer for Jordan Williams, considering that 2/3 of the starting front-court likely won't play on Sunday? Your thoughts?

Jeff: BC will not have an answer for Jordan Williams or any other inside post players they go up against this season. But that does not mean that they can not win. BC has switched to playing a faster pace and shooting more 3's, both are things that do not favor big men that play in the post. The biggest concern that I have is how the Eagles will shoot. They have shot well but this will be the first time that the team plays in a somewhat hostile road environment and if the young guys don't knock down some shots early, I'm afraid we could be in for a long night.

Big Finish

Brian: Montel Harris is confident he'll play in the bowl game, after recovering from knee surgery. How confident are you? 

Jeff: I am also confident, the procedure was not too serious.


Jeff: Kuechly was named to the Walter Camp All-America Team on Thursday. Decent partying gift after not taking home a major college football award this week?

Brian: That's great and all, but it's really a shame Kuechly didn't come away with any hardware after the season he had.


Brian: Uni Watch has a leak of what could be a new Eagles football jersey. You like?

Jeff: I wish I had gotten to see it as that picture has been removed.


Jeff: HD actually puts BC in the #4 slot for ACC bowls this season, it's certainly because of Nevada, but still good, right?

Brian: That's nice, but that's too low. Our bowl game is actually a better matchup than #2 and #3. Certainly better than the Sun Bowl.


Brian: If Gary Tranquill returns to the school as offensive coordinator in 2011, what will your reaction be?

Jeff: Pissed off. 


Jeff: It's your prediction time.  Give me a BC-Maryland final score.

Brian: Boston College 68, Maryland 67.


Brian: Last one. Having finished the Pick 5 season in a dead heat 35-35, here is our unofficial tiebreaker. The Army-Navy point spread is Navy -8. Who ya taking? 

Jeff: Navy, of course.