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Blogpoll: Preliminary Week 11 Ballot

Here is our preliminary ballot for week 11. Big movers this week include Utah (down 13), Oklahoma (down 12) and Alabama (down 10). South Carolina, Baylor, N.C. State and Florida State all get the boot this week and are replaced by USC, Texas A&M, Kansas State and North Carolina.

Teams encouraging the most disagreement between our two ballots include Kansas State (7.07), Oklahoma State (4.95) and Missouri (4.24). Basically, the Big 12 is a mess. It's not your father's Big 12. It might not even be your older sibling's Big 12. It looks like neither of us has the slightest clue who's good and who isn't in a conference that has a serious power vacuum at the top without traditional powers Texas and Oklahoma. 

That said, this confusion results in our preliminary ballot containing half the programs in a thoroughly mediocre Big 12. That's what happens though when one of the six BCS conferences doesn't have any teams sniffing the Top 30. 

By conference: 6 Big 12, 5 SEC, 4 Big Ten, 4 Pac 10, 2 ACC, 2 Mountain West, 2 WAC, 0 Big East.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section.