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Box Scorin': Boston College Downs Philadelphia 85-58 In Season Tune-Up

Brian: On Saturday, the Eagles played Philadelphia in their only scrimmage of the season, winning 85-58. Neither of us was in attendance, but we can glean a few facts from the games box score. Biko Paris and Joe Trapani led the way with 18 points each, while Reggie Jackson added 16 points and 11 points. Perhaps the most surprising stat of the night:

BC went 15-of-33 from beyond the arc (31%), nine of them coming in the first half.

Of those 15 three pointers, 4 of them came from Biko Paris, who went 4-of-6 on Saturday afternoon from 3-point range. Is this a new Biko? Is Paris the BC starter that will benefit the most from the new offense installed by Coach Donahue? What are your expectations for Paris this season?

Jeff: I don't think this is a new Biko but I think it might be the same Biko we saw towards the end of the season two years ago. Then he was making clutch jumpers and at that point we had high expectations for him going forward. After him being fairly disappointing last season, I won't get my hopes up for his perfomance until the season begins and he does it against real competition.

Brian: The Eagles open the season this Friday against St. Francis, and will follow that up with games against Yale and Holy Cross before heading to Orlando to take on Texas A&M in the first round of the Old Spice Classic. Are you expecting any early season WTF losses like last year in the first three games? Or will the Eagles take care of business heading into their first-round matchup with the Aggies?

Jeff: If I expected a loss, then it wouldn't be a WTF loss. It would be that crappy loss that Jeff predicted. BC should be undefeated going into to the game against Texas A&M. No reason to think they won't be. If we were to get a WTF loss it would be because of injury or something else unpredictable at this time and the WTF loss or losses will come later in pre-conference play.