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Boston College And Syracuse Renew Old Rivalry And The Big Finish

Brian: Six years to the day of Diamond Ferri and the Syracuse Orange denying the Eagles an outright Big East title and a BCS bowl berth, the Eagles and Orange are set to renew hostilities for the 46th time.

"They knocked us out of the Fiesta Bowl, so it's one of those things where people still have a bitter taste in their mouths," BC freshman quarterback Chase Rettig said. "We're both Northeast schools. Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about how that was, but I just know that the fans got a bitter taste in their mouth when Diamond Ferri was here. They got them and bumped them out of that big BCS bowl. What you hear from people around here, it has an influence on you."

Since that game, two football programs went in very different directions. BC continued to win games in their new conference, while Syracuse endured seasons of 1-10, 4-8, 2-10, 3-9, 4-8 and 7-4. The Eagles have won over four times as many conference games (30) as former Big East rival Cuse has won in the Big East (7).

Now with Syracuse bowl-eligible for the first time since the 2004 BC-Syracuse game, Syracuse coach Doug Marrone seems to have the Orange on the upswing. While this game won't determine the Big East champ or have an impact on the rankings, I'm wondering if the result of the game tomorrow will make a larger statement about BC leaving the Big East six years ago. Is this just another game, or does this game have greater implications and makes a statement on BC's decision to leave the Big East six years ago? Also, how do you see this renewed rivalry playing out over the next 10+ years?

Jeff: This game alone will not have much meaning relative to BC's decision to leave for the ACC. However, the BC-Syracuse series will have a ton of meaning over the next several years.  If BC beats Syracuse tomorrow and wins more often than they lose going forward in years that Syracuse competes for the Big East title, it will solidify Gene's decision to leave for the ACC. As Big East television revenues continue to slide and BC will continue to make a good paycheck from the ACC.

I expect the next ten years to bring more sellouts than not to Alumni and the Carrier Dome and for BC to win two-thirds or more of the games.


Big Finish

Brian: BC hoops has gone 1-1 in their first two games of the Old Spice Classic. Chances the Eagles get another win in Orlando vs. Cal on Sunday?

Jeff: Notre Dame handled Cal so I think we have at least a 50-50 chance.


Jeff: BC-Washington tomorrow in women's soccer for the chance to go to the Final Four.  Who ya got?

Brian: BC playing in Chestnut Hill against a West Coast team. Gotta like the Eagles to advance.


Brian: In the abbreviated holiday version, last one. Over 50% of readers think the Eagles are going to win by more than 3 points tomorrow. Who ya got? What's the final score?

Jeff: I do like BC despite Montel's injury. Boston College 16, Syracuse 10.


Pick 5


Boston College +3.5 at Syracuse
Cincinnati at Connecticut -1
N.C. State -2 at Maryland
Florida at Florida State -2
South Carolina at Clemson +3


LSU +3.5 at Arkansas
Oregon State at Stanford -13.5
Georgia Tech at Georgia -14
Florida +2 at Florida State
UCF -26 at Memphis