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St. Xavier Linebacker Sean Duggan Commits To Boston College

BC's 16-10 win over Clemson wasn't the only good news of the weekend. On Sunday night, the Eagles received a verbal commitment from St. Xavier (Cincinnati) senior linebacker Sean Duggan, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"St. Xavier senior linebacker Sean Duggan verbally committed to Boston College on Sunday, according to St. X coach Steve Specht.

Duggan, who is 6 feet 4 and 220 pounds, had several other significant scholarship offers. He also considered Michigan, Duke and Wisconsin among the finalists, according to Specht.

Duggan has two interceptions, two fumble recoveries, a forced fumble and a half-sack this season."

Just last week, Duggan was at the center of a BC self-reported recruiting violation, when Luke Kuechly talked publicly about a pair of former teammates at St. Xavier. Kuechly served as host to Duggan and St. Xavier's Steve Daniels, telling Eagle Action that his "main thing [is] that I'm going to be very honest with them about things."

Glad to see that the incident didn't prevent Duggan from choosing BC.

A 3* recruit, Duggan joins 4* Graham Stewart (Xavier/Middletown, CT) and 3* Nick Lifka (Naperville North/Naperville, IL) as the three linebacker recruits in the Class of 2011.