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Boston College 21, Duke 16: Umm, Yeah. OK.

So BC wins another football game. And I should feel ... how, exactly?

The coaching on both sidelines was terrible. Spaz nearly gave me a heart attack towards the end with some miserable clock management.

Were we trying to ice Sean Renfree on the final play by calling a timeout?
Get in his head or something?

Spaz did realize we may have needed that timeout if Duke scores the touchdown there, right?

For his part, Cutcliffe's coaching in this game was equally poor. I don't know what he was thinking when he continued to go back to using backup QB Brandon Connette. That offensive set might have been effective during the year, but Duke hasn't played a team half as good against the run as BC.

The old, tired saying is "a win is a win." I'll take it, I guess. The defense came up large when it had to and Kuechly -- 20+ tackles, 2 pass breakups, forced fumble, fumble recovery, etc. etc. -- and Max Holloway had monster games.

Full analysis on Monday. Go Eagles!