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Food Chain: Least Compelling ACC Championship Game Matchups

Brian: BC has been mathematically eliminated from the ACC's Atlantic Division title for a few weeks now, and the Atlantic Division is down to Florida State (4-2), N.C. State (3-2), Maryland (3-2) and Clemson (3-3). Similarly in the Coastal, the division title is down to Virginia Tech (5-0), Miami (4-2) and UNC (3-2). Georgia Tech is holding onto a sliver of hope at 3-3.

Eight teams. 16 different combinations of 2010 ACC Championship Games. But which ACC Championship Game matchup would be the worst for the league?


Maryland-North Carolina

Two schools that are both known more for basketball than football. In other words, exactly what the ACC doesn't need right now. Ticket sales would be strong because of North Carolina alone and Maryland being such big schools, but TV ratings would be terrible. The ACC's only hope would be that they go head-to-head with an Iowa State-Baylor Big 12 Championship Game in prime time.

N.C. State-North Carolina

Even though they are two North Carolina teams playing in Charlotte, these two teams would have played two weeks earlier and neither school does anything to help improve the image of the league.

Maryland-Virginia Tech

The Terrapins -- after struggling as much as they have the last few years -- would not help the ACC by earning Championship game berth. Maryland's best win to date is beating Navy on a neutral field. Maryland would probably play 07 and 08 BC as the Atlantic's sacrificial lamb to the Hokies.


This was a competitive game last weekend, with the U pulling out the W in the game's final minute. The game was probably closer than it normally would have been with Miami QB Jacory Harris sidelined with a concussion. Miami with a healthy Harris probably wins handedly, and this matchup would pair the two programs the furthest from North Carolina. Not to mention one of these programs that can't even fill up their own NFL stadium, and the other has a freshman QB and a largely apathetic football fanbase.

Clemson-North Carolina

Rematches of regular season games are not ideal but this is a game that was competitive and the home team won. Clemson fans would like their chances in a rematch and UNC fans would certainly make the short trip to Charlotte.

N.C. State-Virginia Tech

Wolfpack head coach Tom O'Brien is 2-8 against Frank Beamer and the Hokies in his two head coaching stops in Chestnut Hill and Raleigh. Think this regular season rematch will end up any different? Trust Tom O'Brien in a big game?

Florida State-Georgia Tech

While these two teams haven't played during the regular season, both programs are pretty banged up. Yellow Jackets QB Josh Nesbitt has been lost for the season, while Seminole QB Christian Ponder is attempting to recover from an elbow injury. These two teams currently have a combined seven losses between the two of them, and still have tough games against their in-state SEC rivals before the Championship Game. A Championship Game with teams that combine for a near double-digit loss total is really bad for business.

Clemson-Georgia Tech

We have learned that a rematch of the previous years' Championship Game is bad for business (i.e. 2008 Eagles-Hokies the Sequel was really, really bad, with neither fan base really wanting to travel to Tampa). With this matchup in Charlotte, Georgia Tech and Clemson will sell more tickets than they did last year but there will not be huge interest from other ACC fans.

Florida State-Miami

Timing has never been the ACC's thing. The first all-Florida matchup after hosting the Championship game in Florida the last five years would just be an unnecessary kick in the nuts to the much maligned ACC football.


Brian's Food Chain

5. N.C. State-Virginia Tech - Hokies would probably end up with the same result as the regular season, with a W.
4. Clemson-Georgia Tech - The league doesn't need another repeat performance of the 2009 game.
3. Maryland-North Carolina - Two basketball schools that probably wouldn't even realize they were playing for the ACC Football Championship.
2. Maryland-Miami - While this was an entertaining game, this would pair the two furthest teams from Charlotte and one fan base who has already moved on to hoops.
1. N.C. State-North Carolina -- The ACC gets the reverse problem. Packed stadium for a game no one cares about nationally.

Jeff's Food Chain

5. Florida State-Miami - The Seminoles won easily on the road in the first matchup between these two this season. The all-Florida matchup would not be good for ticket sales either.
4. N.C. State-North Carolina - All North Carolina matchup not good for ratings.
3. Clemson-Georgia Tech - Rematches are never good.
2. Maryland-Virginia Tech - Virginia Tech needs a more quality win heading into a BCS bowl for the ACC to not be the laughing stock of automatic qualifying conferences.
1. Maryland-North Carolina - It'd be a good matchup in the Final Four. Neither team has a single household name offensive player. Ratings would be absolutely terrible.