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Boston College-Duke Is A Nooner On ESPN3 (But Just In Time To Stream On Your Xbox 360)

Today, the ACC announced game times and networks for the games on November 13. To no one's surprise, BC-Duke got the noon slot on ESPN3. That makes the second straight game where BC's game will be an internet-only broadcast, and the fourth of the season (joining the Weber State, Maryland and Wake Forest games). 

Luckily, the Fall Xbox Live Dashboard update is being rolled out this week. What's this mean for you? Here, let Engadget explain:

For the cost of Xbox Live Gold and having an affiliated ISP, you can watch live sporting events and replays of anything ESPN has the rights to stream -- and trust us, that's a lot. The initial screen features a crowd of avatars wandering on the bottom, while giant displays serve as the screens for the featured videos. Hovering over one selection for more than a few seconds and the video will autoplay; pressing X will make the video full screen, which you can do immediately at the cost of a brief bout of low-resolution footage as it buffers the HD stream.

With the Xbox Live update coming out this week, Xbox Live Gold users will be able to stream both the Wake Forest and Duke games on their TV (and likely one, if not both of Virginia and Syracuse will probably be only games, too). Joy.

The rest of the weekend's ACC action, complete with kickoff times and TV details, below:

Miami at Georgia Tech, ACC Network, 12 p.m.
Boston College at Duke,, 12 p.m.
Wake Forest at N.C. State,, 2 pm
Virginia Tech at North Carolina, ABC, 3:30 p.m.
Maryland at Virginia,, 3:30 p.m.
Clemson at Florida State, ABC, 8 pm