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N.C. State 44, Boston College 17: Post Game Thoughts

Another week, another listless offensive performance. "Listless" might be generous.

You can direct your ire towards quarterback Dave Shinskie, but I think that's energy wasted at this point. Dave Shinskie didn't turn the keys to the offense over to Dave Shinskie at the beginning of the season. Dave Shinskie also didn't leave Dave Shinskie on the field for about three more possessions than he deserved.

Shinskie also didn't decide that this program needed three different head coaches in the last five seasons. 

Even though the offensive line continues to struggle, neither Shinskie or Marscovetra is the answer for BC. Rettig has the most potential of the three, but will be limited by an extremely talented O line that continues to underachieve. 

Buckle up, because it will be a long season. 

Leave your post-game thoughts below. Full analysis on Monday.