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Losing Streaks Uncharted Territory For Boston College Football

You have to go back a long, long way to find the last time Boston College lost three straight football games. A long way. Well before Jeff and I arrived on the Heights and became Superfans. The Eagles haven't lost three straight football games since Tom O'Brien's second year in Chestnut Hill, when the Eagles lost six straight in the middle of the 1998 season. That was also the last time the Eagles got shutout in a game against, of all teams, Virginia Tech.

In recent years, the Eagles just aren't used to going on a prolonged losing streak.

Here are the list of losing streaks over the last 25 years:

6 -- 1998, Tom O'Brien (at Louisville, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Navy, at Miami, Notre Dame)
5 -- 1997, Tom O'Brien (Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, at Virginia Tech, Miami, at Notre Dame)
5 -- 1985, Jack Bicknell, Sr. (at Army, West Virginia, at Cincinnati, at Penn State, at Syracuse)
4 -- 1991, Tom Coughlin (at Rutgers, Michigan, Georgia Tech, at Penn State)
4 -- 1990, Jack Bicknell, Sr. (Syracuse, at Louisville, at Miami, Temple)
4 -- 1988, Jack Bicknell, Sr. (Rutgers, at West Virginia, at Tennessee, Syracuse)
4 -- 1989, Jack Bicknell, Sr. (Pittsburgh, at Rutgers, at Penn State, at Ohio State)
3 -- 1996, Dan Henning (Syracuse, at Pittsburgh, Notre Dame)
3 -- 1995, Dan Henning (West Virginia, Army, at Notre Dame)

Naturally, in none of those seasons did the Eagles finish with a winning record.

I guess it's only fitting then that TOB can hand the Eagles their first 3-game losing streak since the second year ... of the TOB era at BC. The Eagles are currently double-digit road underdogs against N.C. State, and will likely be as big of an underdog (if not bigger, depending on the result of Miami-Florida State this weekend) next week at Florida State.