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Notre Dame 31, Boston College 13: Searching For Positives

Brian: It's hard to find positives in a game where your:

  • Usually stout offense spots Notre Dame 21 points in the first quarter 
  • Offense goes just 4-for-19 on third downs
  • Team commits 12 penalties for 120 yards
  • True freshman quarterback making his first collegiate start gets knocked out of the game in the second quarter
  • All-ACC running back rushed for just 28 yards (1.9 per carry)
  • And probably most of all, the offensive line continues to struggle and struggle mightily

But I know if there's anyone who can talk Eagles fans down off the ledge following a 31-13 home loss to BC's hated rivals, it's you, Jeff. What, if any, positives can we draw from the Eagles' 31-13 loss to the Irish on Saturday night?

Jeff: Surprisingly, we might have found a quarterback in Chase Rettig. It is hard to tell since without that one touchdown pass his numbers would've been dreadful, but the game had the feeling that even though he started off nervous and BC was down 21-0 quickly, he started doing enough that he could keep BC in the game and give us a chance to win. Once he went out, the offense only managed one field goal and that came off a fumble and the offense failed to get a first down before the FG attempt.

Speaking of field goals, we did find out that Freese is legit and can make some long ones in situations other than practices and scrimmages.

That's all I have for you.

But I would like to know where the supporters of Spaz are who said that playing Marscovetra or Rettig was a great idea because this was ultimately a meaningless game. I think at some point the clear answer on Saturday was to put Shinskie in if we really wanted to win the game. He was the best option once Marscovetra failed to move the team on some many consecutive possessions while at least in the past, Shinskie has had some success moving the ball, including last week against Virginia Tech before being benched. I have not heard any of those supporters post any comments that Spaz did the right thing by sticking with his plan and not scoring a second half point Saturday. If Rettig is healthy Saturday he should start, otherwise Shinskie should. Let's do whatever we can to win one game at a time and the Shinskie led Eagles had tremendous success against NC State last season.

Brian: Based on some back-of-the-envelope math, I think I calculated that I've now seen 5 straight Eagles losses (Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Emerald Bowl vs. USC, North Carolina, at Notre Dame) and am just 1-6 when attending games since the start of the 2009 season. If that wasn't depressing enough, you told me that you have yet to attend a win in the Spaziani era. Will your losing streak continue this weekend, and will my losing streak be extended to 6 games when we head back up to Chestnut Hill for the Clemson game?

Jeff: I will be at the N.C. State game Saturday and after seeing them lose at home to Virginia Tech I do feel decent about our chances to beat them. Virginia Tech's offense is not spectacular and the Wolfpack scored 41 points on the road. N.C. State is also the team that BC dominated more than any other in conference opponent last year and has had considerable success against since joining the league. I think I'll see my first win in person with Spaz as the head coach, but if I don't I doubt I will this season as the only other game I am currently planning on attending is Clemson. If we can't beat N.C. State I don't see us beating Clemson either.