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Shorthanded Eagles Host The Tigers And The Big Finish

Brian: The Eagles head into their home game against Clemson a little shorthanded. On Thursday, we learned that redshirt freshman Sterlin Phifer has decided to leave the program. That bumps freshman Andre Williams up to the backup slot behind Montel Harris.

Other than the Phifer announcement, the injuries continue to mount for the Eagles. Starting defensive end Alex Albright suffered a fractured right fibula and is lost for the season. DeLeon Gause is out for Saturday with a cartilage injury in his right knee. Fellow DB Wes Davis is also out with a neck injury, pending further evaluation. Billy Flutie is out with a hamstring pull, but might see some action as a holder. So is Shakim Phillips, out with a shoulder injury.

If that wasn't enough, Conor O'Neal (leg), Brad Newman (leg) and Clyde Lee (leg) are all probable.

With Phifer leaving the program, and the injuries mounting, who will the Eagles miss most this weekend? Which loss is most significant for the Eagles chances tomorrow?

Jeff: Phifer leaving the program is certainly interesting and might effect us down the road but it does not at all effect Saturday's outcome. Davis or Albright are the biggest losses for the team but fortunately I think the defense can recover from not having them on the field. BC will still have a great defense and although large in number, the injuries mostly just affect depth. There is not going to be a huge dropoff in talent at any position where a second string is getting more playing time due to other injuries.

Brian: Given so many people will miss the game tomorrow, care to change your prediction of an Eagles victory?

Jeff: I am still going with an Eagles victory. BC is too good to not beat a single good team this season. Clemson is their last chance as the remaining four teams after this weekend might not make bowl games even though Syracuse pulled off a victory last week in Morgantown.


Big Finish

Brian: On Thursday, BC announced that they would self-report a recruiting violation involving Luke Kuechly talking to EA about two of his former teammates. On a scale of 1 to Lane Kiffin, how big a deal do you think this is?

Jeff: 3. It's not something you want to hear but it seems to happen all the time nowadays.


Jeff: The EagleBank Bowl has been renamed the Military Bowl. You like the rebranding?

Brian: The bowl has future tie-ins with Army and Navy, but there's really nothing 'military' about a bottom-tier ACC team and a team from Conference USA.


Brian: In the same day, the NY Giants placed Mathias Kiwanuka on the IR and signed Will Blackmon as a kick returner. Do you think it's odd how many ties the Giants have to Boston College?

Jeff: It is a little ridiculous.


Jeff: In a perfect world, Spaz would have redshirted most of the freshman class. Your thoughts?

Brian: That's one of the fundamental differences between this coach and the last one. If we went with Rettig to start the season, I think things could have been different. 


Brian: HD is predicting that Clemson RB Andre Ellington will have another big running day. Agree?

Jeff: Absolutely not. The one thing we can count on is our run defense.


Jeff: According to a report in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Jeff Jagodzinski is a candidate for the vacant Minnesota Gophers head coaching position. Your thoughts?

Brian: I would love to see Jags back in college, but why would he consider another college HC position? I thought he hated recruiting (wink)?


Brian: Last one. Alex Albright could return to BC if the Eagles make a bowl game. Have we seen Albright play his last game on the Heights?

Jeff: With the way the schedule is, even if the Eagles lose by 40 tomorrow I'll still be expecting a bowl game out of them.


Pick 5

The Pick 5 struggles continue, with Brian going just 1-4 in week 8. On the year, Jeff is 18-22 ATS while Brian is three games back at 15-25. Jeff again has honors.


Clemson at Boston College +7
Miami -15 at Virginia
Florida vs. Georgia -2.5
Duke at Navy -13.5
Kentucky at Mississippi State -6


West Virginia -6 at Connecticut
Wake Forest at Maryland -5.5
Oregon -6.5 at USC
Stanford -7 at Washington
Michigan -3
 at Penn State